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The Galaxy Z Fold 4 will have an S Pen slot

For a long time the S Pen it was a hallmark of the Galaxy Note. But when the company decided to suspend production of the series, it was forced to re-propose it on other models. The Galaxy S21 Ultra, for example, it was the first to have support for the S Pen, even though it doesn’t have a dedicated slot. Then followed by the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Then it was the turn of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which finally came to market with a dedicated stylus housing. And now, according to some rumors, even the new one Galaxy Z Fold 4 it may have a slot for the S Pen.

Galaxy Z Fold 4: Coming to market with an S Pen slot

Good news for Note series nostalgics and folding smartphone enthusiasts. The new Galaxy Z Fold 4 will arrive on the market with a slot for the S Pen – the first among all the leaflets to be equipped with this feature -. If this indiscretion were real, the stylus would greatly expand the usability of Samsung’s smartphone. Especially considering that users no longer have to remember the S Pen with them, as they will be able to keep it inside the phone itself.

Beyond this novelty, however, it would seem that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will not differ too much from the design of its predecessor. We should therefore expect to see a smartphone with 7.56 inch internal display e 6.19 inch external display. When? Probably within the second half of the year. Or at least so it seems from the rumors that have recently leaked on the Net. Certainly, therefore, there is nothing. Except for the support for the S Pen, which will make the new foldable from Samsung an ideal combination of smartphone and tablet.

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