The Game Awards: Saints Row is shown in the new trailer

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Photo Credits: Saints Row

During The Game Awards 2021, the new game trailer of Saints Row. The video, which you can find below, gives users a succulent taste of the journey of the crew towards Saint-dom, of the possibilities of customization and of those unique moments typical of Saints-Row that only passionate gamers know and love.

Let’s find out all the details together.

The Saints Row trailer at the 2021 Game Awards

A Holy Unharmed you have two options: to have the power or to take it by force. The Saints are well on their way to dominating this city and your job is to lead them as whatever Boss you decide to be – after all, this is Saints Row. The new gameplay trailer features Saint-on-faction action while showing just a few of the ways you can take on your rivals.

There are so so many options: from explosive weapons a brand new guns, up to aclose elimination or a robbery. The many ways to defeat your enemies in Santo Ileso aren’t the only thing the title has in store for you.

Saints Row also offers you high-speed vehicle action including boats, cars and of course tanks that induce total chaos.

In just 2 minutes you will have the opportunity to admire:

  • A huge area that contemplates the thefts of helicopters;
  • New vehicles: sharpen your eyes and look for them;
  • New Combat: New takedowns, new weapons, offensive and defensive set pieces, double grip and more;
  • New clothes and NPCs: from the weird, to the savage and unfortunate citizens of Santo Ileso caught up in the madness;
  • Moments of history: something more about the rise to power of the Saints;
  • A pinch of personalization and style.

Get ready because the Saints are coming for you on 23 August 2022. For more information you can consult the official website.