L'app Google Home consente il controllo degli elettrodomestici per avere tutto a portata di touch thumbnail

The Google Home app allows you to control your home appliances so you have everything at your fingertips

L’app Google Home makes the user’s life much easier. It allows you to control Android TV or Google TV compatible TVs, fans, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners and other compatible home appliances.

The Google Home app, how it works

In August 2022, the announcement was made: the Google Home app would gain the ability to control i smart home devices more widespread.

According to several Reddit users, the new touch controls include the ability to volume up/down, mute/unmute, power on/off, play/pause, select Source.

These control features were already available for the devices Nest Hub and now they are in implementation for the app. According to user reports, the changes are visible in the app (version Also, the new controls of Google Home TV they’re coming via a server-side update. Also, controls are available for some but not all devices.

Compatible TVs

However, the controls are slightly different from compatible TVs Google Cast and Android TVs. LG and Samsung TV owners are reportedly experiencing changes to the app. It should be noted that this feature is not yet widely implemented and is only available to a limited group of users. For those who can’t see the new controls, they should wait for the update.

Google Home, what is it

google home

Google Home is an electronic device, by definition a smart speaker, which allows you to activate applications for the reproduction of audio and video content, smart appliances and which provides information available on the net.

The operation takes place by voice command by the user, who interfaces with the device to ask about the weather, or asking to start Netflix or play audio content on Spotify.

This is just one example of activities that the device can perform and which constitute a valid support for daily life and for carrying out a multitasking existence, typical of the digital age.

To better appreciate the characteristics of the device, it is necessary to understand its application areas and carry out a correct initial configuration, which involves connecting to the home network and recording your own voice.

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