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The hacker attack suffered by Bolton Coin also affects Italian users

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At the end of April, the cryptocurrency trading site, Bolton Coinwas hit by a hacker attack. This attack led to the abduction of some. Overall, in fact, the hackers managed to steal about 8.4 GB of files from Bolton Coin. Among the data stolen during the attack there are also the data of the identity cards of Italian users. Here are all the details:

Identity card data of Italian Bolton Coin users stolen

Among the data stolen from the Bolton Coin database there is also 2500 ignorant identity cards uteItalian nts. Users had uploaded identity cards to the site as a way of authenticating their account. In this way, in fact, it was possible to verify one’s identity and start using the service that allows the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies. The hacker attack suffered by Bolton Coin therefore exposed the data and documents of the users that are now in the possession of the hackers who have committed the breach of the systems.

The comment

Marco Ramilli, CEO of Yoroi, points out: “Episodes like this reveal the fragility of our digital life. The data available from the cards, in fact, can be used for fraud and identity theft. While it is the responsibility of the authorities to investigate and block the dataleak, it is the duty of all of us to secure our digital data and demand the highest standards of protection from each service “

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