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The health of the eSports sector in Italy: growth of 4% in 2022

The Round One event drew a general picture of the health of Esports in Italy. The sector continues to grow, scoring an overall value of over 47 million euros, 4% more than in 2021. The report on the situation relating to 2022 is included in the second edition of the Landscape of the esports sector in Italy, commissioned by IIDEA to Nielsen and presented today at Round Onethe business event dedicated to esports that the association has organized again this year with Ninetynine at OGR Torino.

“Esports are a segment of the video game sector that is increasingly developed in our country, not only in terms of use by the public, but also in terms of the maturation and professionalization of the local ecosystem”, commented Marco Saletta, President of IIDEA.

The economic impact of esports in Italy

Nielsen’s research, which was based on data relating to stakeholders in the sector (teams, organizers, publishers and other types of operators), reveals that the direct and indirect economic impact amounts to over 47 million euros. By direct economic impact we mean the employment generated by the Esports sector, which corresponds to approximately 38 million (8 million more than the previous survey. The indirect economic impact is instead that generated by related expenses. These manifest themselves in auxiliary services and merchandising. , and amount to over 10 million euros.

Specifically, the direct economic impact is composed of:

  • 55% (20.9 million) from the export teams
  • 22% (8.4 million) from event organizers
  • 5% (2 million) from publishers
  • 18% (6.7 million) from other sources (e.g. dedicated venues, hardware manufacturers, developers and other categories not comparable to the previous ones)

The indirect economic impact is instead composed of:

  • 64% dai publisher
  • 19% dai team
  • 14% by the organizers
  • 3% third-party companies operating in the sector

The main categories of expenditure are marketing, travel / accommodation, finance / legal and administration for i teamHR / personnel, equipment and rental, finance / legal and administration for organizers and finally marketing and merchandising for i publisher.

For the complete Landscape report of the esports sector in Italy, please refer to the IIDEA official website.

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