The Hinge dating app is all about voice messages

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Hinge is a dating app that apparently seems very similar to other competitors, perhaps more famous in Italy, but which recently introduced an original novelty that is having a lot of success. The dating app, in fact, last month allowed users to insert voice messages in your profile, to be able to present itself at its best: a functionality that is now went viral.

Hinge dating app introduces presentation voice messages

As he tells Ashley Carman on The Verge, in its Hot Pod newsletter, last month the dating app Hinge introduced voice messages on user profiles. Instead of telling yourself through text, you can do it with your own voice. Each clip can last 30 seconds and, at launch, Hinge said two out of three users said their voice could help them “better determine chemistry” with someone.

After a month it seems that the voice messages are having a success. On Twitter and TikTok some funny or noteworthy messages are being shared. Some Hinge users have in fact decided to focus on sympathy, making imitations, singing and telling anecdotes.

Photo credits: Hinge.

Carman, of The Verge, contacted the company to concretely understand how much people are appreciating the new feature, as well as sharing them on social networks. The company claimed that 13% of new app users insert a voice message in their profile; 46% of users, on the other hand, listened to at least one voice message. Some data that still seems low, but keep in mind that the feature has only been available for a month, so these are absolutely encouraging numbers, as he states Michelle Parsons, CPO of Hinge.

“If you imagine the amount of extra time it takes to add any information to your profile, it’s already a point of friction. So we are really excited about this data ”. Plus the fact that they went viral on TikTok definitely helped Hinge, says Parsons. The voice messages that are currently gaining popularity are “My life goal is …” and “All I ask from a partner is that …”.

They are much more popular than direct calls

“Our goals are to get users out of the app and start a relationship, or at least a good date. We want to help users show more of their personality, more authenticity, which really comes from their own voice. It’s really hard to hack your voice. “ Hinge also allows voice calls, but the team did not see “very high adoption” of the feature. This is probably because making a cold call to a stranger is more intimidating than listening to a 30-second clip.

As the months go by, we will find out if the new Hinge feature will catch on even more and if competitors decide to include it on their platform. Not just dating apps: instead of the written biography, on Instagram, in the future we may find an audio message of introduction.