The HP OMEN 16 gaming laptop review: everything we need

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Over the years the family of Gaming OMEN Laptop from HP has built a name and reputation thanks to the fantastic mix of design, efficiency and performance that always go hand in hand with current trends and technologies. Even this year, HP has not left us hanging with a new 2023 version of the OMEN 16 which we will analyze in this review.

This time too we are faced with a great laptop for gaming which features processors and elements in line with the most recent technological developments and innovations in the world of gaming. Needless to say, 2023 was a particularly lively year in terms of gaming innovations which in turn require important technical characteristics to work on PC.

Will this year’s OMEN 16 succeed in fulfilling the important mission entrusted to it? Let’s find out now!

Our review of the HP OMEN 16, 2023 edition

The new HP OMEN 16 boasts several improvements in both software and hardware, both aimed at getting the most out of the most demanding video games and at the same time offering the most adequate comfort. Not only do we therefore find elements such as a 13th generation Intel Core i7 processor or one Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 graphics card but also a new cooling system and a QHD display with a refresh rate of 240Hz.

But this is only the beginning!

Data sheet

  • Dimensions: 36,9 x 25,94 x 2,3 cm
  • Weight: 2,42 kg
  • Screen: 16.1″ QHD IPS Anti-glare (2560 x 1440), 300 nits
  • Refresh Rate: up to 240Hz
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-13700HX 13th Gen
  • Memory: SSD PCIe Gen 4 da 2TB
  • RAM: 32GB
  • Graphic card: Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 Laptop
  • Porte: 2 USB Type-A with transmission speed of 5 Gbps, 2 Thunderbolt 4 with USB Type-C, 1 HDMI 2.1, 3.5 mm jack input, Ethernet input


Before delving into this tech miracle, it is right to analyze the design of the 2023 version of this OMEN 16 from HP. Compared to last year’s model the differences are not manyafter all, winning chassis cannot be changed. The dimensions remain almost identical and maintain an enviable weight (for gaming laptops) of 2.40kg. The Chassis remains matt black where the OMEN logo dominates (shiny compared to the rest) and boasts a 180° opening.

Once opened we find a QWERTY keyboard without numeric keypad, backlit with the inevitable RGB lights customizable. Below, the inevitable large and spacious trackpad with a satin effect which guarantees excellent smoothness of the finger. The The display, on the other hand, is a 16″ QHD IPS Anti-glare with thin frames except for the lower part which remains large and clearly visible.

The body houses the amount of doors and entrances necessary to satisfy any need. We are talking about two USB Type-A ports, two Thrunderbolt 4 with USB Type-C, an HDMI input, a 3.5mm jack input and an Ethernet input. Here we also find 4 outputs for heat dissipation and two audio speakers placed at the base which guarantee good performance.

Inside the package, in addition to the HP OMEN 16, we also find the power supply cable, the instruction booklet and a couple of Cloud II wireless headphones by HyperX.



Stepping inside our beautiful chassis, we find all the components that give this gaming laptop the right to use that name. Opens our roundup of tech wonders powerful thirteenth generation Intel Core i7-13700HX processor. Along with well 32GB in RAM and 2TB of PCIe Gen 4 SSD storage, this laptop is able to handle multiple processes simultaneously, even the most demanding ones, without slowing down.

Among these, needless to say, we find video games that can take advantage of the power of one Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 laptop edition video card capable of handling any video game currently available on the market. The card also boasts the ability to take advantage of RTX technology and AI-based acceleration for applications dedicated to creatives while the NVIDIA Studio drivers guarantee maximum stability and a series of exclusive tools.

The gaming side also benefits from the excellent 16″ QHD DDS display and its astonishing 240Hz refresh rate, a big step up from last year’s 165Hz. Translated into practice, these numbers offer a excellent video quality and smooth animation rendering so as not to lose any graphic elements in video games and any technical slowdown in competitive games.

Last but not least, theHP’s OMEN 16 now uses a new cooling system that boasts a new fan design, now 2.5 times thinner and with double the blades. This ensures optimal airflow, 29% higher than last year’s OMEN 16.

Our test of HP’s OMEN 16

HP OMEN 16 review 1

For this review, we tested HP’s OMEN 16 for about three weeksduring which it replaced our everyday laptop, also a gaming laptop.

Starting from the Design, the OMEN 16 differs almost nothing from the previous model and that’s fine. The elegant and at times minimal style differs from the majority of gaming laptops on the market which feature endless RGB lights and excessively bulky dimensions. This OMEN does what it was made for with great class and elegance.

The changes compared to last year are not limited to a few more figures here and there but bring serious improvements to the rendering of video games and performance of computers in general. The Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 graphics card is a sight to behold (and we have yet to understand how it is possible to fit it into such a thin laptop). Every single game we tested, including the challenging Cyberpunk 2077, Starfield, and Red Dead Redemption, ran at maximum graphics settings without the slightest slowdown.

Added to this is also theexcellent rendering of the 16″ display which although it still has a lower frame that is far too wide, managed to completely immerse us in the gaming action.

In the audio field, the laptop moves in line with the models currently available on the market without overdoing it. Thanks to hyperx wireless headphones, included if you purchase the configuration with the RTX 4080, we will however be able to raise the bar in audio quality with another absolutely noteworthy device.

L’OMEN Gaming Hub

Omen Gaming Hub tech princess

Honorable mention must be made forOMEN Gaming Hub, reserved for this series of laptops from HP. Although it is not completely new, it has proven to be a useful and interesting application. In addition to providing us with an overview of the video games and connected HP devices, the Gaming Hub also allows us to change related laptop settings to get the best out of the video games.

All this translates, among other things, into a configurable booster which, once a game is started, disables automatic updates, reduces memory consumption or blocks programs and applications that could hinder the game. Added to this is also a practical one cleaning tool of your computer for unnecessary data and files. Everything is designed to allow the HP OMEN 16 to do what it was born for: give its best!

HP OMEN 16 review in brief

Every element of this interesting gaming laptop moves excellently; the new graphics card supported by the processor and adequate RAM offer excellent performance in any video game.

The price? Off we go and 1.599€, with different configurations that can meet the most varied demands, performance and budget. Bearing in mind that they all propose the winning mix of design, efficiency and performance to which HP has accustomed us and which it wants to bring to a new exciting level with the HP OMEN 16 2023.

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