The best Nikon products presented at the Casa Nital 2023 event

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During the Casa Nital 2023 event, the best innovative products of the Nikon brand were presented, with a vast choice of gift ideas to amaze your loved ones

Nital SpA presented a wide range of Nikon products during the Casa Nital 2023 event. Three various products were presented, we find the Nikon Z 30. Small, powerful and extremely simple to use! This new mirrorless camera is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to go beyond the performance offered by a smartphone. So you can create quality vlogs and video content while keeping your photo feeds engaging.

Thanks to the camera’s DX-format image sensor, the videos are sharp and full of details; allowing vloggers to record long-lasting video sequences without interruption. Permanent autofocus during recording and clear, defined audio. The camera It features a vari-angle touchscreen monitor that makes it easy to shoot from multiple perspectives. Thus allowing greater creative freedom. Furthermore, the NIKKOR Z lens range ensures high-quality optical performance.

The Nikon Z 30 offers a wide range of advanced features, including: recording of Full HD video sequences with thrilling slow motion, e-VR electronic image stabilization, video autofocus that automatically adjusts focus based on distance from the subject, and camera noise reduction. wind during audio recording. Additionally, the camera features several options for creative control, including built-in filters for video and photography and effortless shooting functions with an easily accessible video REC button. In the end, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity make it easy to transfer and share content.

The best Nikon products presented at the Casa Nital 2023 event

The best of Nikon products presented at Casa Nital 2023: Nikon Z 8

Nikon Z 8 is a powerful and flexible addition to the Z series of professional mirrorless cameras. The Nikon Z 8, equipped with features comparable to those of the Z 9 model, it is characterized by a more compact and lighter camera body; offering a versatile solution for photographers and videographers looking for an optimal balance between performance and agility.

La Nikon Z 8 It comes with a smaller and lighter design, weighing only 910 grams, which makes it 30% more compact than the Z 9 and 15% smaller than the Nikon D850 reflex. Despite its small size, the camera does not compromise on reliability, as it has been designed to withstand various weather conditions and to operate even at low temperatures.

The Nikon Z 8 features a 45.7-megapixel stacked full-frame CMOS sensor and the Nikon EXPEED 7 processor; these ensure the capture of images and videos of exceptional quality. The camera offers a wide range of creative features for video recording, supporting various formats and frame rates, including 8K and 4K video. The Z 8 is designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of NIKKOR Z lenses and third-party accessories. Thus guaranteeing flexibility and creative freedom for photographers and videomakers of various disciplines. In summary, the Nikon Z 8 represents a versatile and complete solution for professionals who want to capture images and videos at very high resolution. Maintaining the quality and reliability of a professional camera.

The best Nikon products presented at the Casa Nital 2023 event

Nikon Z f

Equipped with the powerful EXPEED 7 image processing engine, similar to that of the renowned Z 9, the Z f allows you to capture photos and videos of the highest quality. This camera combines sophisticated style with cutting-edge functionality; offering exceptional performance in terms of autofocus (AF) and vibration reduction (VR).

Highlights of the Nikon Z f include a design that harks back to the classic era of photography with inspiration taken from the Nikon FM2. The camera body is fully customizable with six different high-quality finishes. Additionally, new features have been added, such as: Picture Controls for broader creative expression and the pixel-shift shooting function which allows you to obtain very high resolution images.

The Nikon Z f also stands out for its exceptional video capabilities, with the ability to record at 10-bit directly in-camera, using H.265, and greater flexibility in adjusting ISO sensitivity. This camera it is available for purchase starting from €2,499; with several kit options that include specific lenses. You can pre-order the camera on and from authorized retailers.

The best Nikon products presented at the Casa Nital 2023 event

The best of Nikon products presented at Casa Nital 2023: Nikon Z 9

This camera represents the most advanced product Nikon has ever created and a significant step for the professional photography industry. Offre un sensore CMOS stacked full-frame da 45,7MP. This, along with the high-speed EXPEED 7 processor; setting new standards in performance, functionality and innovation. The Nikon Z 9 was designed to meet the needs of the most demanding professional photographers, including nature photographers, sportsmen, photojournalists. As well as fashion and studio photography professionals, and video makers.

It features an advanced 493-point AF system and 10 AF area modes, along with 3D tracking. The Z 9 captures fast-moving subjects with exceptional precision and clarity. Recognizing and tracking up to nine different subject types. Additionally, the camera offers exceptional shooting speed, capturing more than 1000 frames in full resolution RAW format at 20fps and up to 120fps in JPEG image quality. In the launch of the Z 9, Nikon also announced the NIKKOR Z 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 VR S as the first super telephoto zoom in the Z series. Together with the FTZ II Mount Adapter, designed to further improve the usability of NIKKOR F lenses with Z series cameras.

The Nikon Z 9 has been acclaimed as a cutting-edge product that redefines the limits of photography and video; offering professionals the ability to raise their production standards to new levels. With its combination of powerful performance, advanced imaging features and an ergonomic design, the Nikon Z 9 is destined to become an essential for the most demanding professionals in photography and video.

The best Nikon products presented at the Casa Nital 2023 event

Nikon Z fc

This camera represents an elegant marriage between the classic aesthetics of Nikon cameras and the cutting-edge technology of the Z series. This camera stands out for its high image quality and pure style that goes with any outfit or environment. The Nikon Z fc was designed with great attention to detail, both as an artistic instrument and as a personal expression. Offering a mesmerizing design and advanced performance that lets you capture extraordinary moments through breathtaking photos and videos.

In addition to the Nikon Z fc, two new lenses have been launched, il NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR Silver Edition e il NIKKOR Z 28mm f/2.8 SE. The Nikon Z fc camera is aimed at design lovers and those who wish to elevate their visual communication to higher levels. Thus drawing on Nikon’s unrivaled tradition and innovation. Plus this camera Features an elegant, high-quality leatherette case; with a glossy black finish that further enhances its aesthetics.

In any environment the Nikon Z fc It is capable of capturing high quality images, guaranteeing exceptional performance even in the dark. Also, the camera it is perfect for taking selfies, thanks to its vari-angle monitor that can be rotated forward. The Nikon Z fc is perfectly suited to any level of photography experience. Whether you’re getting started with photography or adding a new gem to your Nikon collection.

The best Nikon products presented at the Casa Nital 2023 event

Exposure compensation

The camera supports exposure compensation during Auto mode. Allowing you to achieve the desired expression by adjusting the brightness and enhancing the silhouettes. Additionally, the Intelligent Eye Detection AF function automatically captures the subject’s eyes. This is true both in photos and videos, even during movements. With 20 Creative Picture Control options, you can customize shooting styles to individual preferences. Allowing the expression of a variety of moods and adapting the effects according to personal goals and tastes. The new objectives, NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR Silver Edition e NIKKOR Z 28mm f/2.8 SE, offer additional options for users. Thus completing the eye-catching look of the Nikon Z fc and ensuring exceptional optical performance in a compact and lightweight design.

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