The HYPE and Gimme5 partnership reaches 50,000 customers

La partnership tra HYPE e Gimme5 spinge gli investimenti: 50 mila clienti in pochi mesi thumbnail

The partnership tra HYPE e Gimme5 confirm how fintech is able to break down barriers and democratize managed savings. In a few months from the launch of the Investments function for HYPE customers are already 50 thousand users who have initiated investments through the service. The collaboration between HYPE and Gimme5 allows, in fact, to access savings solutions, starting from 1 euro, directly from the smartphone. Here is all the data that emerged from the survey on the profile of the average investor:

HYPE and Gimme5 outline the investor’s identikit

The average age of the traditional investor is 60 with 70% of investors over 40. As for HYPE and Gimme5 customers, on the other hand, the average age is 28 years oldi despite the fact that the bank’s customer base is very heterogeneous from a personal data point of view. Almost half of the customers (48%) are over 29 years old).

Interesting too generational analysis. Generation Z adults reach 55% in digital management while they are almost absent in traditional management. The elderly, on the other hand, are practically absent from digital management. Millennials and Gen X record meaningful data in both ways.

As for the geographical divisionon the other hand, on the traditional channel almost two thirds of investors reside in the North. On the digital channel, on the other hand, there is a uniform division with a significant penetration in the South (29% against 16%). The graph below summarizes the data from the generational analysis:

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