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The identity card site under attack by Russian hackers

Il site of the Electronic Identity Cards it was put out of action by a cyber attack claimed by a group of Russian hackers. The domaino it is no longer accessible from today at approximately 11.40. The attacker appears to be the collective NoNameknown for launching several Ddos attacks against institutional sites and Italian companies in the last year.

Russian hackers attack the site of the Identity Cards

NoName seems to have launched yet another attack against Italian institutions. Yesterday it hit the site of the Cooperative Credit Institute, remained offline for about half an hour. And today it put a mark against the portal of Italian identity cards.

“Italy is ready to provide material support to Ukraine, but awaits decisive steps from the allies. It is by no means an independent country” he reports in the claim message that arrived on the group’s Telegram channel (and reported by Repubblica). And then: “Fortunately, our team is able to make decisions on its own, we went into the Russophobic Italian internet space and killed an eID website”.

Born Russian hackers

NoName 057(16) was born a year ago, in March 2022, shortly after Russian tanks entered the territory of Kiev. He has since led a series of attacks against government entities and critical infrastructure in Ukraine and in the countries that support it. In particular pPoland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Norway and Finland. But the group in recent days has also affected the Japan and the Spainaccused of not supporting the Russian cause.

And DDoS attack, which hits a site with many simultaneous requests to overload it and send it into a tailspin, carried out for political reasons. From which the Identity Cards site has yet to recover: we will keep you updated.

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