The Iliad Group announces strategic investments in the field of AI

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Il iliad group announced strategic investments in field of AI. From a hardware point of view, the Group has purchased the most powerful cloud-native AI supercomputer used so far in Europe. It’s about NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD: equipped with NVIDIA DGX H100 systems, it is the most advanced AI supercomputing platform in the world, installed in the heart of the Group’s Datacenter 5.

AI becomes part of the Iliad world: the investment of the year

This investment represents a first, very significant step towards achieving the short-term goal of increasing the cloud-native computing power available within IT facilities. Scalewaya company controlled by iliad and active in the cloud computing sector.

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The laboratory for AI research

Furthermore, the iliad Group also announced that it has started the creation of a laboratory of excellence dedicated to research on artificial intelligence, in which over 100 million euros have already been invested.

Led by the founder Xavier Nielthe main objectives of the laboratory of excellence will be to:

  • help the entire AI ecosystem (public and private organizations, businesses and non-profits) benefit from significant advances in developing and optimizing AI models;
  • train a new generation of researchers;
  • Promote awareness among institutions, companies and the general public about AI technologies through open laboratory research.

The Iliad event dedicated to AI: when will it be held?

Finally, the Group announced that November 17 next will organize together with Station F a great one event dedicated to artificial intelligence, with the declared aim of making it the most important European conference on the topic. Xavier Niel will also participate in the event and will present the team made up of internationally renowned researchers.

Iliad, the revolution of the mobile telephony sector

Iliad is the operator that has revolutionized the mobile telephony market in Italy since its debut in 2018, with offers that combine quality and transparency. In January 2022 iliad entered the fixed network market with its own fiber and router, the iliadbox.

In May 2023 iliad presented iliadbusiness: the offer for companies and VAT numbers. According to a November ’22 GRIF-Luiss study, iliad’s investments in Italy have generated a return of over 10 billion euros on national production, with over 83,000 jobs (direct, indirect and induced).

It is present in Italy with a proprietary network infrastructure. iliad currently covers 99.6% of the population via 4G technology, and its 5G network reaches over 3,000 Italian cities and is constantly increasing, on 5G devices compatible with the iliad 5G network.

It is present throughout the Italian peninsula with 43 Flagship Stores and over 6,000 points of sale divided between iliad Corner, iliad Point, iliad Express e iliad Space. The mobile operator belongs to the iliad Group, the sixth largest telephony operator in Europe. In May 2023, iliad surpassed 10 million mobile users.

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