The immersive visualization of Google Maps also arrives in Florence and Venice

Google Maps, "Immersive View" ci fa viaggiare anche da casa thumbnail

Launched last month for just five cities around the world, the feature Immersive View (or Immersive View) of Google Maps is also about to arrive in Italy. In February, Google introduced the feature exclusively for London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo. In the next few months it will also be available for the cities of Amsterdam, Dublin, Florence and Venice.

How Google Maps Immersive View works

Immersive View consiste in a mix between Street View road images and aerial and satellite images. The result is a representation that, as the name of the feature suggests, is particularly immersive.

Thanks to the digital component, users will also be able to explore the interiors of certain places (such as restaurants and buildings of public interest). Furthermore Immersive Visualization takes into consideration the time slots, showing what a particular city looks like at a specific time of day.

We advise you to use the function only if connected to a Wi-Fi network or if you have a mobile promotion of unlimited Giga. In fact, according to what we know, the functionality of Google Maps, however amazing, tends to consume Giga quickly. For 30 minutes of Immersive View you can consume as much as 2GB. An absolutely understandable figure if you consider that to work properly the app needs to download a large number of data.