The importance of 5G for art, culture and information

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Technology e culture go hand in hand with Poordove ZTE organized a panel discussion to talk about how the 5G can influence art, culture and information. In the context of the International Cilento Film Festival, this event brought together different personalities, from institutions to creatives. Including ours Fjona Cakallipresent at the event to talk about information and technology.

A strange setting to talk about 5G and innovation? To tell the truth no considering that cinema is the art that most of all is evolving together with technology. CGI, digital cameras and streaming prove it.
“Cinema doesn’t exist without putting the person at the center. And it doesn’t exist without technology “.

5G and culture, the combination at the center of the ZTE round table

The International Cilento Film Festival is an opportunity to fully experience art and culture directly on the territory. And ZTE wanted to organize a round table showing how the technologyespecially telecommunications, are now a essential element for disseminating information and culture.

The ZTE round table talks about the “Culture of the Network and the Network for Culture”, setting itself the goal of investigating how technology can act as an engine for art and information. Support, sharing, cooperation between the subjectsthe. If art creates empathy, the network helps spread it.

Technology and art, a virtuous confrontation

The ZTE round table, moderated by the journalist Pepe Iannicellibegins with the welcome greetings from the mayor of Capaccio-Paestum, the lawyer Franco Alfierifollowed by the words of the President of the Order of Engineers of Salerno Raffaele Tarateta and from those of Massimo Bonettidirector, actor and screenwriter, immediately explaining the combination of art and technology that is the red thread of the entire event.

The first session immediately puts this union at the center. “Technology represents an aid, an extra value for the territory “, not only as a tool, but also to “ensure that the culture of innovation is that extra value that makes a real leap in quality”.

A concept also taken up by Mr. Hu Kun, ZTE president of the Western Europe area and CEO of ZTE Italy. In fact, the company is keen to underline (and does so in several points of the round table and with several voices) how ZTE invests over 17% of R&D revenue.

art and territory

The second session of the round table, on the other hand, saw various local realities as protagonists. How Maria Rosaria of the Rocca, Director of the Environment Office for the Campania Region. And then Giuseppe AbbagnaleCEO of Connectivia, along with Francesco D’agostinoAssociate Professor of the University of Salerno, e Michele Nappi, full professor at the same University. With Sergio ParolariDirector of ZTE for TLC standards and member of the 3GPP project.

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Together they asked about the connection between technological development and the promotion of the territory. Something that can often go hand in hand, given the many possible applications of 5G in the world of culture discussed at the ZTE roundtable. From museums to parks, it seems that more public bodies are taking advantage of the new connection possibilities to give new experiences to those who visit the area. Not to mention the impact on mobility and all other sectors directly connected to tourism in our country.

ZTE round table: Mobile Journalism as a combination of 5G, culture and information

The third session saw ours as protagonist Fjona Cakalli e Dario Caliendo, author of Gizchina. The theme is that of the so-called “Mobile Journalism“, Which has made technology an essential element of the latest generation of journalists and creatives.

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The smartphone makes all potential content createdr, but this does not mean that we all know how to do information, culture, art. The key is knowing how to tell reality in a true and human wayon any medium, thus exploiting technology but without losing sight of the relationship with others.

Technology and culture increasingly travel side by side and the ZTE Italia round table highlighted this. Showing how this union can generate discussions that make us look at the past of our history as far as the future of innovation is concerned.