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The indie world protagonist of Milan Games Week & Cartoomics 2022

The edition 2022 from Milan Games Week & Cartoomics it will be the largest ever and among the various events for the public there will also be a large space for the indie world, both on the videogame side and on the comic side. From the 25 to 27 NovemberFiera Milano Rho will become a reference point for all fans, who will be able to find many guests and activities in the 4 pavilions of the event.

Milan Games Week & Cartoomics 2022: Indie Dungeon

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Italian independent game developers will have the chance to exhibit their work in Indie Dungeon. The historic area of ​​the fair is also celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Made in collaboration with IDEAIndie Dungeon offers studios the chance to showcase theirs fascinating creations to get noticed by thousands of enthusiasts and professionals.

Together with the others, we will also find the 10 development studies selected through the appropriate Bando Indie 2022: BR Digital. . . . IMAGO: Beyond the Nightmares, One O One Games with Fury Roads Survivor, Middle Finger Entertainment and Ciao! Games with Eraze That!, Open Lab with Roller Drama, Fantastic Studio with Circle Of Football, Orbital Games with Basketball Party, Adalot Networks with Satan Junior, Operaludica with Dragonman, Trinity Team with Bud Spencer & Terence Hill – Slaps And Beans 2 and Tiny Bull Studios with Omen Released:

Together with these you will be able to discover the latest creations of Crystalia Games, Verse Zero, SeaRing, The Fox Software, Glasshouse, Giulychu Game Developer, and Gravity Game Arise.

Red Bull Indie Forge finalists

The news does not end there. In fact, in the Indie Dungeon area it will be possible to discover the 5 finalist video games of Red Bull Indie Forgethe innovative project dedicated to Italian independent development studios by Red Bull.

Indie Forge wants to concretely support thevideo game development ecosystem in Italy and give life to the industry. The goal is to bring to light the forge of made in Italy talents given that, at the moment, they do not receive the support they deserve. In addition to the important support of Red Bull, the winning studio will be able to count on BigRock. In fact, there is also the support of the largest reality in the field of education for the Computer Graphics in Italy.

In particular, the study author of the sample title will be able to collaborate with the so-called RED teamelite of the best students of the master in Computer Graphics, Game and Concept Art.

The finalist videogames, selected by a jury of excellence, are:

  • Venice 2089 Safe Place Studio, set in a Venice undergoing the dramatic effects of climate change;
  • Extra CoinCINIC Games side-scrolling graphic adventure that takes place in a world where all human beings have dedicated their lives to a social network;
  • Crime ‘O Clockan investigative and exploratory game created by Bad Seed;
  • Snailsparty game developed by Yonder;
  • Spanky’s Battle Swinga platform created by Green Flamingo in a cartoon style of the ’30s in which everything moves to the rhythm of electro swing music.

At Milan Games Week & Cartoomics there will also be numerous talks not to be missed. You will get to know closely Reply Game Studios con Soulstice, Stormind Games con Batora: Lost Haven, Ubisoft Milan con Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, Jyamma Games with Enotria The Last Song and the next news of Nacon Studio Milan.

Indie Comics

Milan Games Week & Cartoomics restarts this year from independent comic. Beyond twenty realities of self-produced comics e indie they will be part of the renewed area Indie Comics present in the Electric Town pavilion.

Among them we find Renape, Spaghetti Comics, Blackboard Autoproduzioni, Kuiry, Ultracani, Brute Stories, Cargo Travel Graphics, Green Moon Comics, Bounty Writers and many others.

Together with the world of self-produced products, theArtist Alleythe area dedicated to those who contribute their illustrations to the creation of a comic. Always full of artists and female artists, in this area they will be exhibited all kinds of artistic productions related to this universe: original drawings, prints, fan art and much more.

We remind you that the Milan Games Week & Cartoomics 2022 will be held from 25 to 27 November 2022 at Fiera Milano Rho. For more information on the event and tickets, you can consult the official site.

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