The INZONE Buds headphones review: true wireless headphones for high-performance gamers

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With the announcement of true wireless INZONE BudsSony wants to bring small format and wirelessall the company’s experience in terms of earphones for gamersnot only that. The headphones are in fact designed to work on Computer e PlayStation 5 and they promise to offer an immersive experience supported by personalized audio, great autonomy and an excellent level of performance and performance. All combined with the convenience of True Wireless. Thanks to Sony we got our hands on the all-black version and we are ready to tell you everything in this review of the INZONE Buds.

Our review of the INZONE Buds headphones

The INZONE Buds represent the new member of the family INZONE together with, among others, headphones INZONE H7 and INZONE H9 which we reviewed HERE.

The INZONE Buds are the first True Wireless model and one of the few models of this type designed primarily for gaming. A series of features, including autonomy, spatial technology, and specific optimization for video games make them the perfect ear ally for getting the most out of video games.


The SONY INZONE Buds come in one minimalist and elegant style. The case, which also doubles as a charger, has an all-black clamshell design (there is also a white version) with a satin material that is pleasant to the touch and leaves no fingerprints. Inside we find True Wireless and a connector with Type-C input. The latter has a switch on the back depending on whether you are using the headphones on a PC/Smartphone or on PlayStation 5. In this way we will be able to get the most out of your headphones depending on the device they are connected to with the simple press of a buttonwithout any extra settings.

The headphones themselves feature one unusual curved style which however adapts perfectly to the natural curvature of the ear. This shape was also designed to get the most out of audio recording during the gaming session and although it may seem strange at first, the comfort and lightness of the headphones will soon make us forget it. In this regard, the the weight of the single earphone is updated to approximately 6 and a half grams. The same lightness can NOT be found in the case which is particularly “bulky” by industry standards.

Inside the package, in addition to the case, headphones and USB-C dongle, we also find the charging cable, the instruction booklet and a series of rubber tips of various sizes to adapt the headphones to our ear shape.


Sony INZONE Buds

Regarding the technology used, Sony has certainly not spared itself. The INZONE Buds integrate the 360 ​​Spatial Sound system which allow players to precisely identify the direction and distance of their opponents, fundamental elements for excelling in video games, especially competitive ones.

The headphones can be optimized with the tecnologia Sound Tone Personalisation That analyzes the shape of the auricle, unique to each of us and are capable of creating enveloping audio. The earphone drivers emit a series of test sounds and, based on the feedback from the microphones, reconstruct their diffusion within the channel.

Added to this is the function Sound Field Optimisationwhich allows you to create a customized listening profile: just download the smartphone app 360 Spatial Sound Personaliser and take a photo of the ears to be able to count on unprecedented spatial accuracy. Obviously there is no lack of noise elimination, a characteristic of Sony products, capable of filtering environmental sounds.

All this is powered by a large battery which, thanks to the new L1 low-power processoris able to extend the Battery life up to 12 hours which can become 24 in total with the charging case.

Our test of Sony’s True Wireless INZONE Buds

Sony INZONE Buds H5 earphones headphones

For this review, we tested the INZONE Buds True Wireless Headphones for about 2 weeks during which we messed with them quite a bit and wore them on PC, on PlayStation 5, on smartphones and in various situations.

Let’s start by saying that the minimalist design, although some may find it anonymous, gave us a sense of elegance that was not indifferent. There were no shortage of various lights or writings of some kind. The headphone case is actually large compared to the average in the True Wireless market, this is probably due both to the shape of the headphones and the shape of the Dongle but above all to the fact that these headphones are not designed to be carried around the city.

We obviously did it for the sake of review and although the headphones remain firmly in your ears, we do not suggest you run with them on the treadmill (believe us). Simply these True Wireless are not designed for this but for truly get the most out of gaming. And this is where they actually shine! The performances are truly amazing and the quality is crystal clear. Praise also goes to the active noise cancellation which immersed us completely in the action.

One feature of the headphones that we really liked is its plug-and-play ease of use which is combined with the possibility of messing around with the settings via mobile app or via INZONE Hub on PC. From here we will actually be able to see what the headphones are capable of, ideal for the most ambitious geeks.

Sony INZONE Buds review in brief

The INZONE Buds maintain the high standards that the INZONE family has managed to establish in a very short time in the world of gaming devices and accessories. Performance, audio quality and incredible battery life currently make them the best True Wireless for gaming on the market.

All of this obviously has a considerable cost of around 200 euros. Clearly a price far from the majority of True Wireless on the market, but the distance that separates the INZONE Buds from other models is also far away.

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