The iOS 16.4 update will introduce many new features, including new cute emojis

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Apple has released the iOS 16.4, iPadOS 16.4, macOS Ventura 13.3, watchOS 9.4 and tvOS16.4 updates after three weeks of waiting for new beta content. Lots of new features to come, including adding new features, new emoji fonts, and web push notifications.

iOS 16.4 update: emojis

Many new features thanks to the iOS 16.4 update released by the Cupertino giants. Updates include new emoji fonts Unicode 15, first approved in September 2022. New emojis include shaking head, pink heart, blue heart, gray heart, donkey, moose, black bird, goose, wing, jellyfish, pea pod, ginger, fan, comb, flute, maracas and a number of left and right hand options.

iOS 16.4 Update: Website Push Notifications

Websites that are added to the iPhone or iPad home screen as a web app can send web push notifications, just like on the Mac.

This is a feature that Apple first announced at WWDC, at which time it announced the iOS 16 update, and it’s now ready to start rolling out. Web apps added to the home screen need to request permission from the user to receive push notifications via a permission button.

Like on the Mac, the ‌iPhone‌ or ‌iPad‌ will prompt the user to allow the web app to send notifications, and notifications can be managed on a per web app basis in the Notifications section of the app Settings. Web app notifications work just like notifications from other apps, showing them on the lock screen, in Notification Center, and on a paired Apple Watch.

The changes made by the beta version

With the iOS 16.4 and iPad 16.4 beta update, those who are subscribed to the Apple developer program can activate the beta version from the section Software update from Settings.

HomeKit update

The new Apple update brings with it the reintroduction of HomeKit, previously removed due to bugs. In the Home app, iPhone and iPad users will be able to implement the update. The new HomeKit architecture aims to improve the reliability and efficiency of communication between smart home accessories and Apple devices.

The other Apple updates

The news does not end here thanks to the Apple update. New functions in the app Podcasts, Apple Music, CarPlay, AppleCare coverage, creation of Shortcutsall to be discovered.

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