The iPhone 14 Pro Max has the best display in the world

Apple presenta i nuovi iPhone 14 Pro e Pro Max thumbnail

L’iPhone 14 Pro Max offer it best smartphone display on the market, according to DisplayMate’s annual Display Technology Shoot-Out. And so, earning the “DisplayMate Best Smartphone Display Award” with an A + Display Performance grade, Apple’s new smartphone replaces the previous winner, the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max has the best display on the market: the DisplayMate statement

Even though the iPhone 14 Pro‌ Max has essentially the same resolution as the iPhone 13 Pro‌ Max, Apple has added a number of notable improvements to its new smartphone. The LTPO OLED display, for example, goes da 1Hz a 120Hz instead of 10Hz to 120Hz, allowing for an always-on low power display option. Furthermore, as you well know, the display boasts a new viewing area with the Dynamic Island. And now DisplayMate has found that the new Pro Max is capable of achieving a peak brightness of 2300 nit, ie more than double what the previous model guarantees. Indeed, considering that Apple advertises a peak brightness of 2000 nits, it is evident that the tests have also exceeded the guidelines of the company.

According to DisplayMate, HDR brightness reached its maximum a 1590 nitsaccording to DisplayMate, a 33% improvement compared to ‌iPhone 13 Pro‌ Max. But these are not only the flagship features of the new smartphone from Apple. In fact, the iPhone 14 Pro Max received awards for many of the display’s performance:

  • maximum white color accuracy
  • highest absolute color accuracy
  • the smallest change in color accuracy with APL
  • maximum minimum color shift with APL
  • maximum accuracy of image contrast and accuracy of intensity scale
  • minimal shift in image contrast and intensity scale with APL
  • minimal change in peak luminance with APL
  • full screen brightness for OLED smartphones
  • maximum peak display brightness
  • higher contrast ratio
  • lower screen reflectance
  • maximum contrast to ambient light
  • minimum variation in brightness with the viewing angle
  • minimal white color variation with viewing angle
  • the highest visible screen resolution.

In total, the new Pro Max model has earned a whopping 15 awards, up from 13 for the iPhone 13. DisplayMate says Apple has focused on improvement of the absolute image quality and the absolute color accuracy of OLED with a factory calibration of display accuracy, which according to the site is “visually indistinguishable from perfection”. Indeed, as reported by the site itself, “the iPhone 14 Pro Max has a world-class smartphone display, very impressive, with perfect accuracy and calibration performance”. DisplayMate’s entire Shoot-Out delves deeper into the high scores achieved by the ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ Max, and what exactly makes it the best smartphone display.