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The iPhone 14 will cost more than its predecessor

If you are thinking of buying the new iPhone 14, you should consider that it may not be an expense to do lightly. According to an industry analyst, in fact, Apple’s smartphone could cost at least $ 100 more than the previous iPhone 13. Although the Cupertino company has planned everything perfectly, some disagreements with suppliers could raise the price of the iPhone 14 series. How will users take it?

iPhone 14: The price will be at least $ 100 higher than the previous model

Dan Ives, Wedbush Securities analyst, revealed that Apple said “a $ 100 price hike is on the way for the iPhone 14”. Specifying that “prices have increased along the entire supply chain and Cupertino must pass these costs on to the consumer in this series”. On the other hand, it is certainly no secret that i semiconductor industry prices are increasing significantly in recent months. Added to this are the “side effects” of the pandemic, which has caused quite a few problems in Apple’s supply chain, forcing partners to catch up on production.

Ives’ statement, therefore, would seem confirmed by the situation that the tech sector is experiencing. In addition to the words of Ben Wood from CCS Insight: “There is no doubt that manufacturing and component costs continue to rise for all consumer electronics manufacturers and, in the case of the UK, exchange rates are also an important factor. These elements would suggest that a price increase may be needed. ” But, apparently, it’s not so certain that the price of the iPhone 14 will go up that much. “Given the cost of living in adverse conditions – underlines Wood -, Apple could decide that raising prices could be counterproductive”.

After all, if the Cupertino company really decided to increase costs, the situation would become somewhat unsustainable for someone. The base model of the iPhone 14 could get to cost $ 899and the Pro model it would cost circa $ 1099. Figures that are quite important for the market.

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