The iPhone 14 will support connection to the satellite network even in emergency situations

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Apple plans to introduce the connection to the satellite network in models iPhone 14 and inApple Watch of the new generation. This means that users can use their devices to send text message e SOS functions in emergency situationswithout a carrier network connection.

Satellite connection in the new iPhone 14

These new satellite connection functions for new Apple models can send information to emergency contacts through a satellite network; it is an interesting aspect, capable of improving the ability of iPhone users to making calls at critical moments.

Although it was already talked about in the past, Apple did not bring the function on the models of the iPhone 13 series because, at the time, the feature wasn’t ready to debut yet. According to Bloomberg, Apple will bring this feature to the iPhone 14, the model that will debut at the end of the year.

Bearing in mind that some users will use the Apple Watch to make calls, the company will provide this function on that device as well.

However, according to some users this it is not an innovation which Apple should work on. To others, however, it does not matter much: the important thing is that the iPhone do not increase in price. Actually, for normal smartphone users, there is really no need of such a function. This is the reason why not worth it pay more for a feature you don’t need.

Furthermore, many users are concerned about theactual battery life. It therefore remains to be seen whether using satellite communication on the iPhone will drain the battery or not. Other users, on the other hand, are worried that this satellite communication could create more loopholes for hackers. Therefore, many users are asking Apple to give up this feature.

Of course, theCupertino company did not disclose anything about this feature.

However, Bloomberg argues that the launch of this feature could be different in different regions. This is due to the presence of different regulations in different regions, which also means that this function could not be available in every region of the world.