The iPhone 15 Pro will have “solid state” buttons

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Physical buttons may be just a distant memory for Apple’s iPhone. According to the analyst Ming-Chi Kuoin fact, theiPhone 15 Pro – which will probably arrive in 2023 – will have solid state buttons. A truly incredible novelty, if these rumors really corresponded to reality. Let’s go then to discover something in more detail.

iPhone 15 Pro: goodbye to physical buttons

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the new iPhone 15 Pro models will have solid-state buttons. And this applies to both the power button on the right side for both the volume buttons on the left side of the smartphone. While “solid state” may seem like an unknown concept, most iPhone and Mac users already have to deal with this design: the old iPhone 7, for example, had a solid-state Home button. And newer MacBooks have a trackpad that doubles as a solid state button. In reality, the definition “solid state” only indicates that there are no parts furniture in these buttons.

The buttons, therefore, are pressed by users thanks to the “magic” of Taptic Engine di Apple, a system in which a small motor produces vibrations to return tactile feedback to the user as they press the button. So, according to Kuo the new premium iPhone models will have two additional Taptic Engines – one on the right side and one on the left side -, compared to the one already present which provides feedback when you touch the display. However, it is still unclear what the shape of these new solid-state buttons will be. In any case, the novelty would seem so interesting that Kuo has already announced that even the “high-end Android smartphones” will follow Apple’s design. When? It is all yet to be understood.