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The Italian Esports Open conquer Lucca Comics & Games

Ggreat success for the Italian Esports Open that have captivated the audience of the Lucca Comics & Games. In fact, 30 players arrived at the Esport Cathedral from all over Italy and 24 hours of live broadcast were carried out with 100 thousand views on Twitch and 1000 daily admissions. The public, at the fair and online, was able to follow the most popular titles and their favorite players.

Great success for the Italian Esports Open

On the first day of the event at the Italian Esports Open there was the l watch party on Fortnite. On the stage there were 4 talent Marcy, Kekkobomba, Martex and Porkuccio. The Solo Crank Arena online cup on Fortnite was Bihi ZZZ !. L‘Invitational of Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield for Nintendo Switch with Francesco Pardini PadoVGC, MatteoAgostiniVGC, DesuVGC saw, instead, the victory of Francesco Pardini. The team composed of the talent Froz3n won the coveted medals of the tournament in Pokémon Unite.

Many events for the spectators to follow

In the Tormenta circuit, the amateur circuit of Valuing, the Atleta Esport team won in the final against AR Esport. The “Lucca Baron Battle” in League of Legendson the other hand, the Random Five prevailed in the final of the qualifiers. The final day of the Italian Esports Open recorded the Clash Royale Lucca Showdown. The victory went to the mixed Pro Player and Talent team with Ferre and Mattiaa.

The initiative registered the support of NZXT BLD, AGON by AOC, Cooler Master, ScuolaZoo as Media Partner and Fonzies.

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