The Italian Mod for Dark Souls Remastered arrives tomorrow

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Thanks to an ambitious Mod produced by UNITE|101, the group specialized in the art of dubbing, you can play Dark Souls Remastered with Italian dubbing. The Mod will be available starting tomorrow, it is simple to download and will offer you an even more immersive experience. Below we present the launch trailer.

Dark Souls Remastered is in Italian: here is the Mod

Finally Dark Souls speak Italian and the credit goes to Mod made by UNITE | 101, arriving tomorrow.

The recording, directing, adaptation and mixing work was carried out with the aim of amaze the audience, thanks to a professional approach and to one very high level instrumentation. 3400 lines of dialogue, 45 characters, 16 voices and 25 people involved are the numbers of DSR – The Italian MOD, which transforms and enhances the Dark Souls Remastered experience with the full dubbing in Italian.

The Mod also contains a really interesting detail, namely cut content dialogues on introductory videos to game scenes. The Italian Mod is installable automatically with just a few clicks. DSR – The Italian Mod aims to soon conquer the title of must-have among the thousands of MODs present on Nexus Mods.

This is the portal that will host the download of the file from launch day, Thursday 14 October 2021. In the cast, in addition to the actors involved in other team projects (such as the dubbing of Super Dragon Ball Heroes), there are some new entries. Among them we find ThePruld, which will give voice to a poker of characters that you will discover only by playing the title.

To download the Mod, be sure to check out Nexus Mods. For more information about UNITE | 101, however, you can visit their official website.

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