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The Italian Sign Language (LIS) in the world of Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda is a video game series created by the Japanese Shigeru Miyamoto e Takashi Tezuka, which has marked the history of the medium and fascinated generations of players, including many who are deaf. The reason for this success is Nintendo’s ability to combine action and simplicity, and the charisma of the protagonist Link, known for his silence. To celebrate their love for the saga and the release of the new chapter The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdomsome young deaf Italians, led by Natalia Colombo, a huge fan of the series and godmother of the project, have created a glossary in Italian sign language (LIS) inspired by the video game and released it online for everyone to enjoy.

The project also involved the deaf communities of Japan, India and America, with the aim of bringing together and motivating deaf video game enthusiasts all over the world. The initiative is sponsored byENS (National Body for the protection and assistance of the Deaf) and the Italian Youth Deaf Committee, and wants to enrich the LIS lexicon and raise people’s awareness through the power of a medium that unites millions of people in every country.

A glossary of Legend of Zelda in LIS

Over 72 million people around the world use sign languages ​​to communicate and assert their rights. To make nations aware of this reality, the UN has established that September 23 is the International Day of Sign Languages.

Even the world of video games is committed to promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities, rewarding those products that introduce innovative technologies to reduce barriers. The video game is in fact a very accessible means of entertainment for deaf people, thanks to the subtitles and interactivity that characterize this medium. An example of this commitment is the support of Nintendo Italia to the glossary of sign languages ​​for video gamescreated by a community of young deaf people.

Among them is Natalia, deaf since birth, who has made accessibility her life goal. Natalia has collaborated with famous brands such as ClioMakeUp and artists such as i Two Fingerzwon the Miss Deaf International competition and played in the Deaf Women’s National Volleyball Team.

He also drew up a plan to make the events at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan accessible to people with disabilities. There is with her Luca Falbo, LIS interpreter, son of deaf parents and diversity, equity and inclusion consultant for companies and businesses. Luca is also co-founder and vice president of the Fedora cultural association.

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