La fioritura dei ciliegi giapponesi è protagonista di Pikmin Bloom thumbnail

The Japanese cherry blossom is the protagonist of Pikmin Bloom

Thanks to Pikmin Bloomthe smartphone application designed by Niantic in collaboration with Nintendo, is possible admire the flowering of Japanese cherry treesi the most famous sakura. This particular anniversary, in Japan, is very important and is referred to as hanami, term used to admire the spring blooms. Here are the details of the new initiative launched by Niantic.

With Pikmin Bloom it is possible to admire the blooming of sakura

Throughout the month of March, dethe cherry blossoms that will embellish the streets of the cities. Users who feed their Pikmin team with these mega flowers will see their creatures sporting distinctive cherry blossom blossoms on their heads. It is, therefore, a real themed event designed to honor the Japanese anniversary. Users will simply have to log in and use the app to better enjoy the sakura blossoming in view, perhaps, of a future trip to Japan.

Pikmin Bloom 1

An alternative waiting to be able to go to Japan

Pikmin Bloom’s initiative represents an interesting solution alternative to experience the flowering of Japanese cherry trees. Waiting for Japan to reopen its doors to tourism, in fact, the application aims to better celebrate this event which, every year, in the past, attracted many people to Japan. This year, therefore, to better enjoy the cherry blossom it will be possible to rely on PikminBloom and play with the app, which is increasingly appreciated all over the world even for initiatives such as the one just launched.

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