The Kindle Review (2022): The perfect paperback for reading anywhere

La recensione di Kindle (2022): il tascabile perfetto per leggere ovunque thumbnail

Over the past few weeks we’ve had the opportunity to try out the new Kindle (2022) Of eleventh generation Of Amazon and we are ready to tell you what we think with this one review. If you love to read and are thinking about getting yourself a Christmas gift a little late, this could be the perfect solution.

The review of the 11th generation Kindle (2022): small, light and absolutely terrific

Amazon is back with a new Kindle and this time it does it very well; let’s start right away technical features and some aspects that left us speechless.

The new Kindle boasts a wonderful six-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1448X1072 e 300 PPIwhich renders texts and fonts still sharper e bright. This is one of the first novelties that can be noticed in the new device – and also one of the best, especially for lovers of tiny fonts.

The display is also equipped with four white LED lights which allow you to read even in the dark, without weighing down the eyes. The device also boasts the new side dark mode by Amazon, which inverts the colors allowing the reader to have the black background and the white text. An interesting novelty that, personally, we really appreciated.

The Kindle (2022) then has a processor single core da 1 GHZ, 512 MB in RAM e 16GB of internal memory. Furthermore, it is also equipped with a USB-C cable, which will be used to recharge the battery via the power outlet or computer. Another aspect that surprised us was just the battery. Amazon claims that a single charge lasts up to six weekson the base of half an hour of reading a day with the wireless spento.

We wanted to be daring, also trying with reading sessions of the duration of a couple of hours – divided over the course of the day. Also, our wireless was always on. The result? A battery lasting and it does its job very well. Of course you have to keep that in mind if you are going to listen to audio booksthe battery will last less but you can still dive into sessions audio-listening quite substantial.

Unfortunately we’re not fans of audiobooks so we can’t actually assess battery life with this item.

With the Kindle (2022) Eleventh Generation of Amazon you can too surf the Internet, buy ebooks from the Amazon bookstore and audiobooks from Audible. Finally, the device boasts a pesos at 158 ​​g: that means it is very light and you can take it anywhere you want. We brought it everywhere; in your bag, backpack, even in your jacket pocket. Nothing can beat the size of this portable little friend.

A recycled and minimal design

In terms of designthe Kindle (2022) has a six inches with rounded corners. One aspect that we liked is the fact that the back of the device it doesn’t capture too many fingerprints. Plus we also liked the colorand bright blue e very stylish, which deviates from the classic black. If you buy the Denim model, the color is present on the retro and also on front of the e-Readerthen you will have a completely blue device.

Il power buttonas usual, is placed in the bottomnext to the USB-C port. We honestly don’t like it very much in that position; and uncomfortable e it is often difficult to ignite o to unlock the device. Among other incredible news, however, we find the material with which the Kindle was made: the device was built at 90% with recycled magnesium.

Plus the retail packaging is also made in 100% recyclable paper. The cover that is inside the box, at the time of opening, is of a vibrant blue and proudly boasts the Amazon logo. Finally, inside the box, the Kindle is protected by wax paper, and no longer from an anti-static plastic bag. In short, Amazon is getting greener and we can’t help but appreciate it.

The Kindle review (2022): the strengths of the device

Kindle amazon 2022 tech princess

The most important update of the Kindle 2022 is undoubtedly the display. As mentioned, Amazon has ditched the lower resolution it used for all of its Kindles and decided to bring it up to 300 pixel. This means that the screen is practically twice as sharp e detailed than most Amazon screens (yes, even most Kindle models expensivelike theOasis and the Paperwhite).

This means that text is much sharper while the lines not thinner curves appear more fluid e clean before. This is an incredible step forward, an addition that offers readers analmost ink on paper experience and which allows small print lovers not to get tired while reading.

Similarly to this, however, it should be noted that this model does not have some of the more advanced functions of the Kindle such as the automatic brightness and the adjustable heat. However, the absence of these two functions did not create any problems for us.

Readers will then have the option to choose between nine groups of fonts, including the popular Bookerly, Helvetica, Baskerville and Futura. The font is also present OpenDyslexicspecially designed to make it easier for anyone to read the text suffers from dyslexia. Users can then adjust the size of these fonts by choosing between 14 degrees of greatness – Besides five levels of bold. Also, you can adjust the distance between linesl’alignmentl’width of the marginsi.e vertical reading o in horizontal. You can really customize every little detail.

The new display, combined with a four-LED front lighting system, also features the famous dark mode that we can easily manually activate at night to reduce glare, thus enjoying a more relaxing and comfortable viewing. Also, another of his strengths, is the ability to reflect external light. So if you are a lover of reading in the open air, with this device you will no longer have to worry about the sun.

Updated software? Not very much

From the point of view of software, there is nothing really new. Amazon has in fact updated the user interface of most Kindles over the past year. The device offers the classic simple navigation that characterizes all Amazon devices, which allows you to quickly reach the library o to home screen. Also, if you are a neat freak and like to read books from the same series, the Kindle can stack them together and organize them better.

We can here too highlight sections of text, quotes e save words in the personal dictionary, in order to be able to go back, which we can then find quickly through the appropriate menu.

The Eleventh Generation Kindle (2022) Review: The Final Verdict

Il new Kindle (2022) 11th generation he is the last to arrive in the house Amazon but he immediately managed to win us over. Small, compact and light, it has proven itself the perfect adventure companion to take with you everywhere, in any place, and occupying the bare minimum.

The power button is still one big flaw of e-reading devices of Amazon but the novelties that this new Kindle offers us, including the 300 PPI display is crisp and bright, push it into the background. If you love reading, want to dive into the magical world of eBooks but don’t know where to start, we recommend the Kindle (2022) from Amazonnow available on the official website at price of 99.99 euros.

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