The King Of Fighters The Ultimate History: ecco l’artbook da collezione

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SNK Corporation and Bitmap Books have announced the artbook The King Of Fighters: The Ultimate History. The King of Fighters is one of the most important fighting game series of all time and today it is considered against the royalty of fighters. But despite this legacy, the story of this series has never been fully told, until now.

SNK annuncia l’artbook The King Of Fighters: The Ultimate History

In the first officially licensed and fully approved book of its kind, the story of the KOF franchise is revealed in its entirety. The King of Fighters: The Ultimate History grants access to illustrations and artwork, as well as insights into key members of the original development team. The book celebrates iconic characters like Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami, as well as the voice actors who brought them to life.

The volume also reveals never before seen details on the mysterious origins of KOF and will allow you to fully enjoy the sumptuous pixel art and rich storytelling that the series is known for. With its amount of images and information, if you are a lover of franchise it is a purchase not to be missed.

Also available is the All Star edition, which includes not only the book, but also a box set to display it, five art prints and a postcard with exclusive illustrations by Eisuke Ogura. The case includes a series of touch panels on the headband which, when pressed, reproduce in-game sound effects for each fighter. In short, a perfect collector’s item.

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