The Last of Us Part 3: Druckmann already has some ideas!

Neil Druckmann let slip a few indiscreet words about a probable and possible The Last of Us Part 3 during a podcast, let’s find out together what he said

The Last of Us Part II was released almost a year ago, arousing so much hype among both the press and gamers that it is remembered more for the controversy than for the extreme effective quality of the title. We have talked extensively about every single reason why, in our opinion, the title of Naughty Dog borders on perfection, without reaching it, in a detailed review that you can find by clicking here. Obviously, given the boundless success, the rumors on the net for a possible sequel follow each other daily, without ever resulting in something really concrete. Until today.

Neil Druckmann, during an episode of the podcast Script Apart, has in fact released some interesting statements both on the development of Part II and the arrival of a third chapter. The creative director allegedly stated that, together with co-writer Halley Gross, they would have already thought of a narrative line to follow in a possible sequel.

I don’t know how much to reveal … Halley Gross and I are actually writing a script basis for a story, but nothing concrete – although I hope someday he will see the light of day […] something that explores even more what happens after the game ends. We’ll see.

Neil Druckmann

Druckmann: between The Last of Us Part 3 and the company’s future plans

Druckmann would then continue like this:

These games take a really long time. I have been thinking about how to delineate Part II for seven years, those that elapsed between the first and second chapter. You have to be really excited about the idea you have in mind, and it has to be a challenge. We now have two games behind us that I am sure are able to speak at a universal level, as well as to tell a very personal story about those characters. With a game, you can’t give a pattern to a franchise. With two games, you can start making one – now I am convinced that I have some structural and thematic elements in my hands to hold onto to create a third game.

Neil Druckmann

And as for the company’s future plans, Druckmann said:

After finishing a great title, we take some time to explore different ideas, whether it’s The Last of Us Part III or something new or something from an old franchise that we want to return to. I would like to explore all these ideas, look at them and say: ok, we have all these possibilities in front of us. As a company, what do we want to aim for? This is because it is a big commitment – of finances, time, passion and talent. So you have to think carefully about all the consequences of making certain choices.

Neil Druckmann

In short, Druckmann’s statements make us understand that, although it is not in development, an idea for a possible The Last of Us Part 3 is there. We had no doubts, in fact, but actually hearing about it makes us happy anyway. What do you think of it? Write it to us below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news on videogame and tech! And if you are interested in game keys at affordable prices, we recommend that you take a look at the InstantGaming catalog!

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