The Last of Us Parte 2: in uscita la remastered per PS5 •

Sony has announced the long-awaited release date of remastered edition di The Last of Us Parte 2 for PlayStation 5. This completes the cycle after the release of the remaster of the first chapter of the iconic Naughty Dog title, of which the HBO TV series was also released this year (you can find it on Sky and NOW).

In addition to being optimized for the new generation of PlayStation consoles, the remaster also includes new content and game modes.

It will arrive on January 19, 2024.

The Last of Us Part 2: the remastered edition is due out in January 2024

The remastered of The Last of Us Part II will take full advantage of the potential of PlayStation 5, offering breathtaking graphics and unprecedented fluidity. The game will have three graphics modes to choose from: Fidelity, Performance e Unlocked. Fidelity mode will offer native rendering in 4K, ensuring exceptional visual quality. Performance mode will reduce the resolution to 1440p scaled to 4Kma will increase the frame rate to 60 fps, for greater responsiveness. Finally, Unlocked mode will allow you to unlock the frame rate, to take advantage of TVs that support the Variable Refresh Rate.

The game will also support PS5-specific features, such as haptic feedback and the DualSense’s adaptive triggers. Furthermore, it will be possible to purchase a paid upgrade ($10) for those who already own the original version for PlayStation 4, which however received a patch with improved graphics modes and support for PS5.

New game modes

In addition to the graphics, the remaster of The Last of Us Part II will also add new content to the game, which will further enrich the gaming experience. Among these, the n. stands outeggs No Return game mode, a sort of roguelike that will test players’ skills in the game’s combat system. In this mode, you can play as different characters and face randomly generated enemies, with increasing difficulty and progression based on choices.

The remaster will also include new behind-the-scenes videos, audio commentaries and previously unreleased levels, cut from the original game and never fully completed during the development process. Finally, there will also be a new mode that will allow you to play the guitar freelyas in some of the more emotional scenes of the main story.

When will the remastered edition of The Last of Us Part II be released?

The remastered edition of The Last of Us Part II will arrive on January 19, 2024.

For the most avid fans, a collector’s edition will also be available, which can be purchased directly via, which will contain real versions of some of the collectible elements that can be found in the game world, such as cards and pins.

More details on the new version will be announced in the coming weeks (or in any case before release).

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