The lawsuit by ten players to stop the acquisition of Activision

L’azione legale di dieci giocatori per fermare l’acquisizione di Activision da parte di Microsoft thumbnail

Not only does Sony want to prevent Microsoft’s mega acquisition of Activision. Apparently in the US well ten players filed a lawsuit arguing that Microsoft’s move could “foreclose rivals, limit production, reduce consumer choice, drive up prices and further inhibit competition.”

These are, in fact, the same arguments as Sony. Arguments that are currently under consideration by the Federal Trade Commission American (FTC), which because of anti-competitive policies froze the acquisition formalized by Microsoft last January.

The acquisition would bring all of Activision’s titles (including the hugely popular Call of Duty franchise) under Microsoft management. The main concern concerns the possibility that Microsoft would have to make these games exclusive to Xbox. Hypothesis, however, always publicly rejected by society.

Microsoft and Activision: the legal action of 10 American gamers

The private lawsuit was filed in California earlier this week. One of the law firms representing the plaintiffs said (via Eurogamer) that “this case represents a necessary step to preserve competition in the video game industry and protect consumer benefits and the innovations that competition brings. Nothing has been as destructive to the free enterprise system as the mega-mergers of the last two or three decades. They destroy jobs, raise prices, lower quality and stifle innovation”.

Microsoft’s response was not long in coming. The company has again denied the allegationsclaiming that the acquisition of Activision “it will broaden competition and create more opportunities for gamers and game developers”. Activision Blizzard’s chief commercial officer also said Microsoft’s acquisition of the company “will only benefit” gamers and the US gaming industry, saying it will “fight” any attempts to block the deal. Currently, globally, there are 16 regulatory bodies who are considering the case. Among these also the European Commission.

Meanwhile Microsoft has already found a ten-year agreement with Nintendo, which will guarantee the landing of the Call of Duty franchise games also on the consoles of the Japanese company. Similar mail also came to Steam, who however specified that no signature is required. Just a gentlemen’s agreement.

For PlayStation, things are more complex. A report last month said Microsoft would offer a 10-year agreement also for Sony consoles. However Jim RyanCEO of PlayStation, called the offer “inadequate on many levels” and reiterated that the acquisition of Activision would monopolize the gaming market.

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