Continuano i licenziamenti nel mondo tech: tocca a Ericsson thumbnail

The layoffs continue in the tech world: now it’s up to Ericsson

Stockholm, Sweden The facade and sign of the Ericsson global corporate headquarters in Kista.

The list of layoffs for the tech world is getting longer with the Swedish project Ericsson aiming to cut its workforce. The company would be in the pipeline around 1,400 redundancies with an articulated cost reduction plan at a global level. Here are the latest updates on the matter.

Ericsson is preparing for new layoffs: 1,400 workers at home

Ericsson’s plan is to lay off 1,400 workers in Sweden as part of a broader global cost-containment program. This plan could lead to further layoffs over the next few months, also involving other countries. To anticipate the news was a report by Reuters.

The company’s goal is to reduce expenses by more than 800 million euros, lightening the budget where possible. The layoffs of Ericsson employees are therefore an integral part of the cost containment program and follow a now clear trend for the tech world.

All or almost all companies in the sector are laying off a considerable portion of their employees to contain costs and keep profits high. It remains to understand how Ericsson will adapt to this project and how the company will be able to reorganize its business, optimizing processes in the near future.

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