The Legend of Zelda: an animated film is coming?

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After Super Mario, Nintendo and Universal are reportedly working to turn another classic video game into a film: The Legend of Zelda

The trend of transposing the great classics of the videogame world into films or TV series seems to have no end. After the incredible success of the series The Last of Usfollowed by movies Dungeons & Dragons – Thieves’ Honor e Super Mario Bros. – The Movienow also the high fantasy created by Shigeru Miyamoto e Takashi Tezuka in 1986, The Legend of Zelda, could become a movie show. Let’s find out all the details of this news together that is creating a lot of noise among fans of Nintendo video games and beyond.

The Legend of Zelda: an animated film is coming?

The project | The Legend of Zelda: an animated film is coming?

The project would include theUniversal Pictureswhich would be in the process of closing negotiations with the company Nintendo. Even the production house Illumination, already involved in the Super Mario Bros. – The film project, should be part of this new work. It would have been the film critic Jeff Schneider to circulate the news that The Legend of Zelda will be the next Nintendo product to land in the cinema. The insider, in a podcast episode of The Hot Mic, confessed to having learned the news from a very reliable source. He stated:

I’ve been told that Universal is closing a big deal with Nintendo for The Legend of Zelda. Zelda looks to be Illumination-Nintendo’s next big series, which we’ve all been kind of expecting. I’ve been told it’s going to happen.

But what should we expect from this new project? Let’s try to understand it through the main plot of the video game. The story, set in a fantasy world called Hyrule, follows the adventures of a brave hero, named Linkwho decides to go on an adventure, with the aim of saving the princess Zelda and rescue it from the hands of the terrible Ganon. The video game, whose latest chapter is entitled “Tears of the Kingdom”, has impressed itself in the collective imagination, becoming a cult and collecting one success after another, in all 20 main games.

Still nothing for sure

We would like to clarify that again nothing Sneider said was official. To understand if it is a project really under construction we will have to wait some time. Certainly there are many who bet on The Legend of Zelda as the next video game to bring to the screen, also thanks to its enormous success, which will surely be exploited as much as possible. The realization will certainly not be easy, as he also underlined Screen Rant, above all due to the fact that the characters present do not speak; it might be strange to see them instead interacting with each other in a new way. We hope that, if this turns out to be true, it could be another great success, as happened for its predecessors, landed in the cinema, from the world of video games. And you? Are you curious? We of everything We await the official announcement of the implementation.

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