Traveling by plane with Telepass: the agreement with BizAway

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In anticipation of the summer holidays Telepassleading Italian integrated mobility company, e BizAwaya leading travel agency thanks to its own technology, announce a partnership aimed at offering an increasingly integrated travel experience: the agreement, in fact, provides for the integration of the new “Flights” service in the Telepass mobility ecosystem.

Flights: the new service for a unique travel experience thanks to Telepass and BizAway

Thanks to this new feature it is possible book and pay for flights to many destinations in the world and with the main airlines directly from the App, quickly and easily, without the customer having to directly access other sites or eCommerce portals.

In this way, the Telepass integrated mobility ecosystem expands further to the Travel world, completing the offer that already includes payment services for booking travel by train, bus and ferryin addition to shared mobility in city (scooters, bikes and electric scooters; public transport, taxis) and payment services connected to the car, such as electric charging and refuelling. Thanks to the partnership with BizAway, Telepass customers can now book and manage air travel without geographical limits with a click.

How to use the Telepass and BizAway Flights function

To use the service it will be sufficient to be Telepass Plus customer, access the Telepass mobile application – downloadable on Android and iOS smartphones – and select the service icon “Love”. In Telepass style, the cost of the ticket will then be charged to the current account, eliminating the need to use credit cards.

After the purchase, thanks to the flows provided by BizAway, the customer receives a booking confirmation email with all the details necessary for the flight (for example check-in), can view the booking in the appropriate section of the App up to the time of trip and can automatically send service requests.

The word to Aldo Agostinelli, Chief Consumer Sales and Marketing Officer of Telepass

“With the new flight service, Telepass completes its ecosystem of mobility services, in which the company is investing not only to integrate new functions and ensure an increasingly complete experience, but also to improve the existing offer. Through the Telepass App it is possible to plan your travel experience in advance thanks to an intermodal use of mobility services, but not only.

Our goal is for our customers to be able to move easily on various means of transport, not just by car, experiencing a single, integrated and sustainable mobility and payment experience, facilitating all stages of the journey, starting from booking” he declared Aldo Agostinelli, Chief Consumer Sales and Marketing Officer of Telepass.

The opinion of Luca Carlucci, CEO and Co-Founder of BizAway

“We are very happy with this partnership as with Telepass we share the goal of increasingly technological, flexible and sustainable mobility management. This innovative collaboration represents a significant step in the expansion of our services, which for the first time can also be used outside the strictly corporate context.

Thanks to the integration with BizAway, Telepass customers will have at their disposal a wide range of options and competitive rates and therefore even more value” he declared Luca Carlucci, CEO and Co-Founder of BizAway.

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