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The LEVEL UP conference, dedicated to the world of video games, returns to Rome

The conference will take place again in Rome LEVEL UP – Rome Developer Conference, the international level event dedicated to the development of video games, simulations and interactive works. The first edition was held in 2018, to tell the videogame world in our country, organized by Italian Videogames Academy and the GALILEO Professional Technical Pole.

We have now reached the fourth edition, which will be held from 21 to 23 Septemberand online and it will be completely free. It will be usable in two formats: LEVEL UP – School Days e LEVEL UP – Developer Days. The first is focused on high school students and presents itself as a sort of professional orientation, while the second is designed for developers and professionals of the videogame industry.

This year the big news is represented by the Nordic Game Discovery Contest, which will be hosted by LEVEL UP for the first time. It is a competition between developers, who will exhibit their software and projects to a jury of industry experts.

free psychology and video game seminar

The words of Luca De Dominicis on LEVEL UP, the conference focused on video games

Luca De Dominicis, President and Founder of AIV – Italian Videogames Academy, declared:

“For seventeen years AIV has worked to offer young people the best opportunities to become experienced and qualified professionals. Today video games and their countless fields of application –
culture, medicine, safety and health to name a few – have become a central topic of the
debate. LEVEL UP represents a unique moment of training and comparison for all those who
already work in the videogame sector and for young people who dream of pursuing a career in
it. We are aware that digital skills and their applications
they represent an essential driving force for our country and for the development of new professions
digital and AIV wants to be an active part of this new training process “.

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