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The link between online counterfeiting, financial crime and cybercrime

The convergence between online counterfeiting, financial crimes e cybercrime, often creating fraudulent domains online by stealing the identity of buyers. For this reason, the need arises to counter these phenomena with partnerships between public and private. Like the final conference of the project FATAheld today atCatholic University of Sacred Heart. Which has seen both government and companies like Amazon.

Online counterfeiting and cybercrime, the report of the FATA project

The project FATA – From Awareness To Action was attended by Transcrime – Catholic University of Sacred Heart, Ministry of the Interior. And then the Central Directorate of the Criminal Police – Criminal Analysis Service, Europol, Ministry of Economic Development, Guardia di Finanza, Amazon – Counterfeit Crimes Unit, Italian Banking Association – ABI Lab e Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit – City of London Police.

In the final report, the growing link between contracted products and financial crimes, such as payment fraud, is discussed. Often accompanied by some cyber crime. The rate of credential theft also rises, the spread of malware and identity theft through phishing.

But also worrying is the link between social campaigns and the sale of counterfeit products, which rises by 141% and which is often coupled with malware.

Online counterfeiting financial crimes and cybercrime minCounterfeiting sneaker

Kebharu Smith, Director della Counterfeit Crimes Unit di AmazonHe explains: Collaboration is at the heart of what Amazon and its Counterfeit Crimes Unit do every day around the world. We work with brands, law enforcement and customers around the world to identify the criminal schemes used by counterfeiters and prosecute them, with the aim of permanently stopping them. We have increased by 300% the number of counterfeiters we have sued or criminally reported compared to last year “.

Smith explains that in our country, Amazon supports “both Italian small and medium-sized enterprises and iconic brands such as Ferragamo and Valentino to identify intellectual property violations, report them to the authorities and take action against counterfeiters. We are committed to maintaining an open dialogue with institutions and law enforcement agencies, and to exploring new ones methods of collaboration and information sharing, as suggested in the FATA report. We are more effective when we work together ”.

You can find more information on the FATA website.

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