The LucidSound LS50X wireless gaming headset review

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They are designed for gamers, they are Wireless, they are beautiful and functional, what more could you want from a couple of cuffie da gaming? On paper the LucidSound LS50X has all the features to become the ultimate headphone set for all gamers, but is that really the case? Let’s find out all the features of this (spoiler!) Fantastic model of cuffie Wireless designed to work best on Xbox, but not only! Here is the review of the LucidSound LS50X gaming headset.

Our review of the LucidSound LS50X

the LucidSound LS50X they are hybrid gaming headphones, capable of working both in Wireless and in Bluetooth mode. They have been built to work best on Xbox and guarantee exceptional audio and recording quality thanks to the microphones present. But let’s see everything in detail.


As they have accustomed us LucidSound e PowerA, the LucidSound LS50X headphones are accompanied by a practical ed elegant case which contains the headphones, the removable microphone, the 3.5mm jack cable, the Wireless USB transmitter and the Type C battery charger. Not even a practical is missing instructions manual to get the best out of the headphones.

They occur in a attractive design, minimal but without being trivial. Black, gray and metal color they are the masters in a solid structure made with quality materials. Exceptional i pavilions consisting of one extremely soft memory foam layer and a layer containing cooling gel, for greater comfort even in longer sessions.

Soft also bearing under the upper arch that manages, despite everything, not to make the headphones weigh too much on the head. Finding ourselves in front of a Wireless model with battery, the weight it is in fact superior to a pair of wired headphones; We are talking about about 1 KG, extremely high if we think of the 256 grams model of the LucidSound LS10X analyzed a few days ago. This is a small price to pay for more quality and versatility.

Audio quality

The LucidSound LS50X headphones were built for work best on Xbox and also on the new Xbox Series X | S consoles, and it shows! Either via the supplied Jack cable, to insert the headphones directly to the controller, or with the Wireless transmitter, the headphones respond immediately to the Xbox system. A sort of “plug & ear” that allows you to use headphones and microphone instantly. The headphones take advantage of the capabilities of the dual microphone to return a crystal clear recording to the other team members. We find in fact a microphone built into the headphones with sound cancellation it’s a external microphone which can be inserted through a jack input. The software AKA sidetone, it will also allow you to listen to your own microphone for total control.

The recording quality is matched only by the audio quality. The powerful 50mm drivers with 5 custom equalization modes deliver high-fidelity stereo quality and surround sound on Xbox thanks to Windows Sonic technology. The advanced chipset of the LS50X also enables a strong and clear wireless signal even in areas with crowded Wi-Fi and mesh networks.


As anticipated, the LucidSound LS50X are hybrid headphones, able to connect both through Bluetooth, either through Wireless connector. This means that if you have connected the headphones to your Xbox, you can still connect them to any Bluetooth device at the same time. It is an extreme example of versatility that is more than useful. For example, you can listen to game audio while simultaneously connected to Discord from your PC or smartphone. In fact, the headphones are also excellent on mobile devices, on PCs, on smart TVs and really, on any device with support for bluetooth connection. We are facing a complete set of headphones.

Of particular interest is also the quick access control system entirely reserved for the external part of the halls. Through them it is in fact possible to control the audio and the game volume, the microphone, know how much battery there is, change the equalizer, listen to the microphone, answer calls, pause the songs and so on. All this by simply rotating and clicking the external pavilions. With the left pavilion, for example, you can increase or decrease the volume of the music or game by simply turning it. With one click you will stop the music, with two a voice (in English) will indicate the battery level. Similarly, the right side of the pavilion will control the fate of the microphone when you are in gaming mode, while it will allow you to go forwards or backwards on the music tracks in case you have opened applications such as Spotify.

Other functions are reserved for the physical buttons on the back of the headphones that will allow you to turn the headphones on or off, change the equalizer or activate the bluetooth search.

Our test of the LucidSound LS50X

We had the opportunity to test the LucidSound LS50X in the space of about three weeks during which they became our best friends, ousting, at the moment, all the other headphones we use. The first impact is certainly positive. LucidSound has accustomed us to aexceptional attention to detail and pleasant, to the eye and to the touch. The design it is not the most original but certainly captivating and elegant. Once placed on the head, the difference in weight with a wired model is evident but their structure, the cushion on the upper arch and the super appreciated cooling gel in the pavilions, limit this discomfort to a minimum. To tell the truth, after a while we were wearing her, we were too distracted by the fantastic audio quality to remind us of the weight.

The sound is amazing, whether you use them for gaming, listening to music or watching movies. L’equalizer, which offers up to 5 options, adapts perfectly to any situation with a simple click. Control of the halls is total, intuitive and particularly satisfying. Have control at your fingertips without wires, buttons or wheels, it proved extremely enjoyable and is more than useful when playing video games and can’t take your hands off the controller too often. While they work best on the Microsoft, having the officially licensed Xbox, these headphones can be used really anywhere. We have exploited them on smartphones, on PCs, both via Bluetooth and wireless and also on the smart TV. This way we were able to overcome the fact that the headphones are not compatible with PlayStation 5 or Nintendo Switch via Wireless connector, but just connect them with Bluetooth to the smart TV, and the “game” is done.

Also exceptional battery life (remember, they are wireless!) which easily reaches the end of the day and beyond even during intensive use. The only sore point that we were able to find concerns the range of action of both Wireless and Bluetooth, really too low! In a house of just over 60sqm, the audio starts to flicker just a few meters away. You will have just enough time to go to the bathroom before the new match starts.

Prices and availability

All this, of course, could not fail to arrive on our desks at an “advantageous” price. In fact, we are talking about € 269.99. At first glance an excessive price, but for the quality of the product, it seemed even little.

The LucidSound LS50X review in a nutshell

The LucidSound LS50X really replaced all of our headphone models we had around the house. Versatility, audio quality and battery life make them the ideal companion for any gamer, music or entertainment lover. The very few defects that we find, of weight or range of action of the Wireless, are soon forgotten in the face of the excellence of the product we are talking about.


  • Excellent audio and recording quality
  • Excellent versatility
  • It works on any device that has a bluetooth
  • Excellent battery life
  • Controls via easy and intuitive earpads


  • The range of the Wireless / Bluetooth is really too low
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