The Machines Arena: Closed Beta is about to begin

The Machines Arena: la closed beta sta per iniziare thumbnail

In view of the official release, The Machines Arena prepares to launch the closed beta version. The game will enter this new phase very soon as recently announced by Directive Games, the development team behind the project. The closed beta will be available via Steam. The new competitive “hero shooter” is getting closer and closer to its official debut. Furthermore, the debut in the Early Access version is expected by the end of the year.

Everything is ready for the closed beta of The Machines Arena

The Machines Arena closed beta will include two flagship game modes, Detonation e Skirmish. The first involves catching a bomb to be deployed at two different sites with the team revealing that they will have to try to stop the player. The second is a classic deathmatch inspired race. Pushback and PvE game modes will arrive in the future.

The beta will also include 9 heroes distributed in 3 distinct roles, all available to play from the start. For more details on the game and the new closed beta, you can take a look at the official Steam game page. Further updates on the title are available on the official site.

The new trailer

The Machines Arena, awaiting its debut, is shown in a new trailer which unveils one of the game’s new characters, Tesla, who will also be part of the closed beta. More trailers will arrive shortly.