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The most beautiful Super Mario themed gadgets

In honor of the Mario Daythe International Day of the cutest mustachioed plumber ever, let’s discover the best ones together gadget to theme. We also remind you that on the Nintendo eShop you will find many incredible discounts so don’t forget to check out the official website – after purchasing a few of course amazing gadget.

The best Super Mario themed gadgets: happy Mario Day to everyone

After Pokémon Day, PowerA returns to the rescue with many incredible gadgets to make this March 10th even more exciting. For those who don’t know, Mario Day is celebrated today – this is a day completely dedicated to Nintendo’s iconic mustachioed plumber and one of the most important figures of the genere platform.

Regarding this, PowerA has decided to publish different Mario themed gadgets to offer players the chance to expand their collections and to happily celebrate this important day. Among the products that PowerA has decided to highlight, we find one Rainbow Run Mario protective casewhich fits perfectly to the models Nintendo Switch OLED, Switch Lite O Nintendo Switch standard.

The striking design of the case is also reminiscent of one of Mario’s gloves from go-karting adventures – Rainbow Road.

Alternatively, we find a Enhanced Wired Controller per Nintendo SwitchMario Pop Art it’s a slim case matched for Nintendo Switch model OLED, Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite. Complemented by a cartoonish look, both products display an eye-catching blue and white color scheme, which sees the Italian plumber rightly at the center stage.

If you are interested in these products, you can consult the PowerA official website.

LEGO and Super Mario: fun guaranteed

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Obviously this list cannot miss the fabulous LEGO Super Mario sets. Thanks to basic path Mario adventures LEGO Super Mario, fans can play with their favorite characters. Whether you are young or grown up it doesn’t matter, LEGO sets are perfect for anyone looking for some real life fun and adventure.

The basic set, which is what we recommend you buy if you are a beginner, you will find the character LEGO Mariocomplete with eyes that move e speakers. Thanks to this fun set, players can collect virtual coins making their little Mario travel the distance that separates the starting tube from the finish line pole. Trust me, fun is guaranteed.

Once you are familiar with the first set, you can expand your horizons and your Super Mario world. Here are some articles that might be right for you.

Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros

game watch super mario tech princess

This is a little gem for all veteran players. The first Game & Watch did his great debut in Japan In the 1980 and at the time it was there first portable console created by Nintendo.

Now you can make your own a piece of history thanks to this special version. The console features one shining gold color and also includes Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros .: The Lost Levels, Ball (Mario version) and a fantastic digital clock.

So get ready for adventure. Overcome chasms, step on Goombas and enter pipes just like you did when you were little – or like the your older brothers, at the time. This time, however, the commands are still more precise thanks to + console button panel.

This heirloom is available on the Nintendo official site.

Mario Day gadget: Lego Nintendo NES

Lego Nintendo NES tech princess

Another little LEGO gem suitable for hardcore Super Mario fans. The nostalgic model kit LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System it is definitely what is right for you. LEGO made in NES with lots of small bricks, extremely detailed e realistic. There is also an opening slot for the Game Pak with a locking function a controller with a cable and a connection plug.

The console is equipped with a TV in buildable retro stylewith a character of Two-dimensional 8-bit Mario on the scroll screen. There is also a multifunction brick for scan LEGO Mario (This figure is included in the LEGO Super Mario Basic Route set – 71360, however).

Get ready to bring back memories and revive, with an 80s-style television, the our beloved Mario.

Super Mario headphones

Playing also means completely immersing yourself in a game. What’s the best way to do this? Obviously by buying these wonderful ones super mario headphones, while playing Super Mario on your console. Yes okay, we know they are children’s headphones but that doesn’t mean they can’t be part of our gadget collection.

OTL Technlogies holds licenses for iconic and famous brands and these headphones are one of its best products.

Parents, if you are listening, you can make a nice gift to your children: we are sure they will infinitely appreciate these headphones. Comfortable and made by excellent materialsOTL headphones are also available with the limitation to 85 decibel to protect the health of the little ones.

If, on the other hand, you are not a parent but are still giving us a little thought, know that you have our blessing. We may have already bought them. Perhaps.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

mario kart live home circuit tech princess

We conclude with the wonderful Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. With this set you can use your console Nintendo Switch to control a kart and watch him react to the events that occur in the game as you whiz toward the finish line. There camera mounted on the kart transmits images to the console or TV screen, allowing you to follow the action from the pilot’s perspective.

Build your perfect circuit and get ready to compete: will you be able to finish first?

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