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The most iconic female protagonists of video games

Il gaming world has evolved over the years and this has allowed us to meet numerous strong female figures e determinatesome even protagonists of our favorite video games. For this reason we have decided to celebrate the our favorites in this article on most iconic protagonists of video games.

The most iconic female protagonists of video games

When the gaming world was in its infancy, it was turned almost exclusively to males. They were in fact the ones who spent most of the time in the game rooms it’s at spend their savings on video games e console. Furthermore, gender norms were much stricter at the time.

Fortunately for us, things have changed a lot over the years. Although very slowly, we have finally begun to see more and more female characters within our favorite video games. Moreover, many of these strong personalities are also undisputed protagonists of the most popular titles.

We know that, at least in the beginning, these were exclusively good-looking women, forms e with long hair. However, with the evolution of the gaming world, too his characters have evolved.

Today we have strong women e determinatecon solid personalities e ben delineate, dreams, ambitions but also fears e weaknesses. In addition, many protagonists of the past have also had the opportunity to to mature e show their true colors.

We have therefore decided to celebrate our favorites in this article. Let’s be clear, of female personalities in the gaming world there are really a lot of them – fortunately – and it is in fact impossible to list them all. So let us know what are your favorites.

Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

lara croft

The most recognizable heroine of video games is undoubtedly Lara Croftthe Tomb Raider in person. She overcomes obstacles, puzzles and difficult challenges, which allow her to advance in the game. Our protagonist has a rather interesting arsenal, featuring a bow and even guns, which make her a tough girl.

Plus its skill with weaponscombined withintellect and at spirit of survival, makes her the most capable heroine of video games. In short, we have before us a strong and determined archaeologist, who she proves to be good both with books and with a 9mm.

At the time, her main charm was hers appearance. Sure, in the first few titles it was just a huge pile of pixels – and yet it was nonetheless fascinating. Over the years, thanks also to the new technologies we have in the videogame field, the our Lara has improvedboth from an aesthetic and character point of view.

Though she still has a curvy body, the latest Tomb Raider game series put more emphasis on hers curious personality e determinedas well as her remarkable ability to kill anyone who gets between her and her target.

Yuna – Final Fantasy X

yuna final fantasy female characters video games tech princess

The famous saga of Final Fantasy has always offered strong female characters e determined, from the very first chapters. There are many women who have brought character and color to the famous Square Enix saga but the one that has literally conquered our heart is Yunafrom Final Fantasy X.

Final Fantasy X is told through the perspective of Tidusa strange blitzball star, but the story is all about Yunathe real protagonist who seeks to protect the world. Yuna is loving e thoughtfulbut also extremely dutiful and with a unique personality.

This is what we see in the original game, where it is willing to sacrifice his life to protect Spira from Sin. Her true personality, and what makes Yuna such a special character, comes out in though FFX-2where we see it pursue his wishes e targets rather than fulfilling a duty.

In both titles the character goes through a intense growth path e deepwhich finally pushes her to find herself and the freedom she has long been looking for.

Ellie – The Last of Us

ellie the last of us tech princess

Elliefrom The Last of Usis one of ours favorite protagonists in video games. We meet her for the first time at the age of fourteen: a little girl brave e distrustfulwhose only thought was to survive in a world inhabited by monstrous creatures ed cruel human beings.

In the course of the game we learn that zombies are not the biggest problem and that the only ones to stay from really far away are humans. In the first chapter we see it together with Joela solid and strong father figure, who raises her and offers her the love this little girl so badly needed.

However, the second chapter has something in store for Ellie painful; a wound so deep that not even time will be able to heal. There angerthe fearil resentment are just a fraction of what drives her to move forward in The Last of Us Part 2.

His is one of the more complex characters of the entire videogame universe and this is exactly what makes it fascinating e only. It was written in exceptional way and anyone who has experienced trauma at the hands of other people can identify with this tragic yet strong character.

Protagonists of video games: Aloy – Horizon

aloy female protagonists tech princess

In English alloy means alloys and refers to those materials made by melting metal e other elements to create a product more resistant e flexible. Who better than Aloyfrom Horizoncould he bear this name with honor and determination?

It is one of the most recent protagonists of the gaming scene but thanks to its two chapters it is grown up e matured so much, earning respect e the affection of his fans. What makes this woman special is hers extraordinary intelligence e curiosity that merge with his rude and tough personality and his survival experiencemaking it an incredible warrior it’s a symbol of hope for his tribe.

With her red hair and her simplicity, Aloy has won the hearts of each of us.

Zelda – The Legend of Zelda

legend of zelda tech princess

Among the female characters best known in the history of video games there is princess Zeldathe shining ruler of Hyrule, so important that she gave her name to The Legend of Zeldaone of the video games that have literally changed the videogame landscape.

Zelda she was born as a bridesmaid and our Link has the task of saving her. However, with the passing of the years and the chapters, the character of Zelda has always become more solid e gift, changing e crescendo.

Its strength lies mainly in its own intelligence – after all, it holds the Triforce. However, this can manifest itself in many ways and allows us to discover numerous shades of this amazing and wonderful woman.

It is one of the women best known in the world of video games It is probably, the strongest one.

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