The MotoGP riders rule out letting Valentino Rossi pass for the 200th podium

I piloti MotoGP escludono di far passare Valentino Rossi per il 200esimo podio thumbnail

Lfarewell to Valentino Rossi will be the great news of the Grand Prix from MotoGP from Valencia scheduled for tomorrow. “The Doctor” will be the main protagonist of his last weekend as a biker in Cheste, and the crazy rumors about what could happen are racing by the hour. The most incredible one who has been around the web in recent days talks about the possibility that the riders would have let him win the race, or at least, dodging, give him the chance to get him on the podium.

The voice that the rest of the riders would let Rossi pass gained so much strength that most of them were questioned after the early Valencia tests, where Rossi finished last. And there is virtually unanimity that that won’t happen, even if ‘The Doctor’ joked about it.

“Unfortunately I think it is impossible for them to wait for me. If they wanted to give me a podium I would be very happy, I would pay them also or I would have a party, where I would pay for everything I. It would be nice to win the podium 200, but I don’t think it will happen “, he said. Rossi joking in the Valencia paddock to questions from journalists.

Valentino Rossi, perhaps a lap of honor at the end of the Valencia race with all the riders

As bizarre as it may seem, the theory is that the rest of the pilots would have given Rossi a podium in Valencia was widespread, even regardless of the battles that still remain in the world championship, Rossi’s enmities, the professionalism of the riders or the urgencies from other riders who would need that podium to relaunch their season.

The one who excluded him least was the world champion, Fabio Quartararo, Rossi’s teammate at Yamaha, who stated that “would do it for me, so I don’t rule it out, but I don’t think he likes the idea. I think Valentino wouldn’t want to win his 200th podium in this way ”.

On the same line was Pecco Bagnaia, world vice-champion and pupil of Rossi, who ensured that “It would be difficult to achieve” . The Italian, however, has given another idea that is much more feasible and which would serve to pay tribute to the great champion who will retire this weekend in Valencia.

“We have to make it pass after the checkered flag, at the end of the race, and all together behind him do the lap of honor “, Bagnaia reflected aloud, to which was added the reigning champion, Joan Mir: “I would very much like to be able to do the lap of honor near him”.

The most decisive was Álex Márquez, brother of Valentino Rossi’s great enemy in recent years, Marc Márquez, who has made it clear that “no one will let anyone pass, we are competition drivers”. With Rossi in last position in free practice, only a miracle would prevent him from retiring with 199 podiums to his credit.