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Instagram offers creators money to share Reels

Instagram offers creators money to share Reels thumbnail

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It is certainly no secret that Instagram offer large sums of money to creators to incentivize them to share Reels on the platform. Last July, in fact, it was Mark Zuckerberg himself who declared that the company would pay $ 1 billion to creators until 2022. Recently, however, some reports have begun to circulate on the Net that provide clear details on the figures offered to each individual creator and on the number of views to be obtained on Instagram Reels to receive the maximum bonus. Let’s find out what it is.

Instagram Reels: How Much Creators Get for Posting Content

That creators receive money from Instagram to post content on the platform is now a fact. But never before have we been able to quantify the amounts of money they receive. Recently, TechCrunch revealed that an Instagram Reels it gets 58.31 million views in one month can make money for its creator up to $ 35,000. Conversely, creators with smaller audiences and reach can receive up to $ 1000 for sharing their Reels. But that is not all. According to TechCrunch, these bonuses may also increase over time.

In reality, there doesn’t seem to be a fixed rule by which Instagram distributes money to creators based on followers. Among other things, this method of “remuneration” is still being tested. As reported by a spokesperson: “We are continuing to test payments as we roll out to more creators and expect them to fluctuate while we are still getting started.” After all, the practice of paying creators to incentivize them to use the platforms is quite shared. YouTube and Snapchat have done the same, and we’ve known this for a while. But the common goal appears to be one: to compete with TikTok. And this becomes even more evident if we talk about Instagram Reels, practically a clone of the Chinese social network.

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