The Motorola Edge 20 review: a great mid-range

La recensione di Motorola Edge 20: un ottimo smartphone di media gamma thumbnail

Motorola is a house that almost never disappoints in terms of telephony and even with its latest devices it seems willing to keep the same philosophy as always. In fact, in recent weeks we have had the opportunity to try it first hand Motorola Edge 20, one of the latest smartphones of the company, and after having tested it in different scenarios we are ready to offer you ours review.

Motorola Edge 20: what are we talking about?

Before going into the Motorola Edge 20 review, let’s take stock of the situation: what kind of device are we talking about exactly? Well Edge 20 is one smartphone Android of excellent level, which aims to challenge even the most advanced models thanks to its excellent performance.

From a technical point of view the device is strong of an excellent 6.7 inch display with a resolution of 1080 x 2400 with technology OLED 144Hz. On the hardware side, however, Edge 20 has a Qualcomm SM7325 Snapdragon 778G 5G (6 nm) SOC chip and has 8GB of ram. Finally, theon battery is a 4000 mAH, which is particularly durable even in the most expensive situations.

Even in terms of functionality, this smartphone did not miss a comma. First of all Edge 20 mounts a module 5G, which allows the user to browse the web at an exceptional speed, while the camera is from 108 megapixel allows the phone to take high quality photos with a resolution of 12000×9000 pixels and to record video in 4K upon termination of 3840×2160 pixel.

The thickness of the device, just 7 mm, completes the picture, making it one of the thinnest products on the market.

Motorola Edge 20: our review

The first thing that surprised us positively about this Motorola Edge 20 is the presence, in the box, of a silicone cover supplied, practically essential for placing the phone on flat surfaces. The area of ​​the cameras in fact strongly unbalances the device, since the protrusion is incredibly pronounced. Also in the package we find the charger from 30W, the cable USB-C to USB-C, le headphones and theadapter da jack 3.5mm a USB-C

The dimensions of the device are also satisfactory, with the 6.7 inch display that allows you to wander and that allows us to identify all the apps we need in comfort. Added to this are the materials used for the construction of the model, namely aluminum, plastic and glass, which transmit a feeling of solidity despite the minimum thickness of 7mm.

Motorola Edge 20 review

Having said this on more than one occasion we found some problems in physically holding the smartphone, precisely because of the generous size of the display. The other side of the coin is that we are faced with a truly level display, with a refresh rate of 144 Hz and which is always fluid, clear and defined. The only limitation of this screen is noticeable if you set it to low brightness, an instance in which you notice the “trail” of the apps, if you drag.

Also excellent autonomy. During one of our tests we used the phone intensively from 9:00 in the morning to 21:00 in the evening, with the result that the percentage of charge left when we finally allowed it to rest was still 27%.

Software and cameras

Edge 20 usa Android 11 updated to the July patches, with some really nice peculiar features tailored by Motorola. It is in fact possible to customize the interface according to our tastes, changing the style of the icons, the density and eliminating the drawer, but not only.

There are also several gestures associated with specific commands, both those with the fingers and the rather bizarre one to turn on the flashlight by “shaking” the phone. Interactive screen allows you to filter notifications, deciding which ones to appear or not, while the “careful screen”Does not go out until we look at it. The future.

Note that browsing between the widget it is set to gestures by default, but you can switch to the classic three buttons at the bottom of the screen if we find it more convenient.

As for the cameras we are faced with a good compromise for the mid-range this phone belongs to. You can get very good results, but don’t expect a lens comparable to the top of the range ones, despite the general excellent quality.

In short

In conclusion we cannot fail to mention the fact that Motorola Edge 20 sits in an uncomfortable limbo, as far as the price range is concerned. The list price of the device is in fact 579 €, which makes it an unappetizing product for those looking for a mid-range smartphone and which obviously does not even fall within the aims of those looking for one at the top of the top.

Despite this, we can only recommend its purchase if, like me, you use it daily during work and in the various daily commissions. Edge 20 makes usability and fluidity of use its strong point, trying to be a eclectic device and capable of obtaining good results in practically every instance in which you decide to use it.

In conclusion, for us it is a definite yes.