The Netherlands is calling for more changes to Apple for dating apps

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The antitrust of the Netherlands requests further amendments to annex‘App Store of dating apps, judging the changes made by Apple insufficient. The changes again affect the fees charged by Apple on payments and the possibility of using alternative methods.

The Netherlands wants new changes to the Apple App Store

According to the journalist Nando Kasteleijn are Twitter, the Dutch Consumer and Markets Authority (ACM) is dissatisfied with what Apple has done so far for App Store payments. Indeed, according to the regulator has not yet fully complied with Dutch and European regulations. Although at the moment he has not made it known in detail what is missing to fully comply with the rules.

The problems between the Netherlands and Apple begin in December 2021, when the ACM has subscribed to an appeal of some dating appsforcing Apple to allow the use of alternative payment methods in the App Store in the Netherlands.

Apple initially accepted this imposition, but requested that apps provide a binary code separated to accept external payments. Something that the ACM did not look favorably upon, so much so that fined Apple $ 50 million between January and March for failing to comply with the tax imposed in recent months.

Now the ACM admits that Apple has moved forward by removing the requirement to submit additional code and allowing the use of additional payment systems. But Apple explained that they changed the regulation from March 30 just to show interest in complying with the law Dutch. However, he has filed an appeal on the matter.

Now the ACM has announced new requests for Apple, but there are still no details to understand what they are. The question is therefore far from closed. We will keep you informed.

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