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The new AOC G3 series monitors for an immersive gaming experience

The new AOC monitors of the G3 series arrive after the rebranding of the AGON brand. The range of displays are characterized by a 1000R curvature and a refresh rate of 165 Hz, a real must for lovers of gaming at high levels.

AOC G3 Series Monitors arrive

AOC, a leading brand in the sector of tech accessories and gaming monitors, presents the new range of products. A series of devices that mainly includes gaming screens, but also headphones, mechanical keyboards, gaming mice and various other devices. Among the monitors we find the new G3 series, with five new displays featuring 1000R curvature and an elegant design. The screen is borderless on three sides, and guarantees a refresh rate of 165 Hz.

The new AOC monitors arrive after a major rebranding operation. He talks to us about it Stefan Sommer, Head of Global Marketing in AOC, who stated:

“The rebranding of our gaming portfolio under the new ‘AGON by AOC’ brand will elevate the entire gaming line – up to be more consistent and optimized. From casual and core players, to hardcore, competitive players, to Esports champions, we are also there is an epic fantasy world where players can come together to show the best of their skills enhanced by the products that best suit them “

The 1000R curvature will ensure a VR-like experience

Playing games on 1000R warp screens, which completely envelop your peripheral vision, is similar to having a VR experience on a desk. All without the negative aspects related to the complete “detachment” from the real world. Furthermore, Motion Blur Reduction option reduces response time to 1 ms (MPRT). This way players will be able to experience fast visual feedback without being distracted by the ghosting effect. The monitors are also equipped with Adaptive-Sync technology, which gives gamers a smooth and uninterrupted view. Finally, all models have very low input lag. This ensures that user actions can be seen on the screen almost instantly, without any significant processing delay.

The presence of the new G-Menu software allows players to adjust monitor settings with a simple click. Added to this is the Low Blue Light mode and FlickerFree technology, both designed to preserve eye health during gaming sessions. Colors are saturated and vibrant, with high contrast and deep blacks. These features allow you to have an immersive experience in the case of scenes in the dark, both in video games and in movies. Plus the 178 ° / 178 ° wide viewing angle allows friends and family to join in the viewing.

AOC takes gaming sessions to another level

It monitors AOC CU34G3S features a 34 ”VA panel with 21: 9 aspect ratio. The height and inclination adjustable stand guarantees unprecedented ergonomics suitable for those who spend many hours in front of the screen, while the two integrated 5W speakers offer a rich and crystal clear sound. For FPS, action / RPG or any other genre titles, AOC also offers two G3 series monitors, one 31.5 ”and one 27” G3, both featuring Full HD and QHD resolution.

The AOC CQ32G3SU from 31.5 “and the CQ27G3SU 27 ”are both equipped with a panel with QHD resolution (2560 x 1440). This allows you to enjoy clear and sharp images, in the most common format of 16: 9. The sturdy and stylish stand doesn’t take up much desk space and has a cable management hole for a clutter-free setup. It is also adjustable in height, tilt and swivel for an ultra-ergonomic gaming session. The 31.5 “model is equipped with two 5W speakers, while the 27” model is equipped with two 3W speakers each.

Prices and other models of AOC G3 series monitors

The 31.5 ”model, the C32G3AE and the 27 ”model, the C27G3U. Both are equipped with Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution. These models are the most cost-effective of the series and are perfect for budget-conscious gamers looking to upgrade their gear. The larger 31.5 “C32G3AE is equipped with a basic tilt-adjustable stand and two speakers of 5W each, while the 27” model, the C27G3U, features an ergonomic height-adjustable stand, and two 3W speakers.

The first models of the G3 series, theAOC CU34G3S, the CQ32G3SU and the C32G3AE, are already available respectively at a recommended price of € 679, € 449, € 349. Instead the other models – the CQ27G3SU and theC27G3U – will be available starting from September 2021 at a recommended price of € 399 and € 329 respectively.

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