The new Apple TV could cost less than $ 100

Apple presenta la nuova Apple TV 4K con Siri Remote thumbnail

The new Apple TV 4K it may be cheaper than its predecessor, hitting the market at a price of $ 129 – compared to $ 179 for the older model -. But, be careful! The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo just reported that the new Apple TV could even cost less than $ 100.

Apple TV 4K will cost less than $ 100: Kuo’s anticipation

After the announcement of the launch of the new Apple TV 4K, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared a tweet in which he anticipates the probable price of the new device, specifying that he expects the next generation model to be “cheaper”. Something that is under $ 100, to be honest. And it would certainly not be new. In recent years, Apple has launched the second generation (2010) and third generation (2012) models of Apple TV at price of $ 99 – then drop to $ 69 with the 2012 models -.

Even the new device of the Cupertino company, therefore, could be cheaper, so as to better compete with the low-priced streaming devices sold by Google, Amazon and Roku. Another possibility is that when the next Apple TV launches, the announced model will now remain in the lineup for around $ 99. In any case, what matters is that the next generation 4K will be significantly better than previous models anyway. Regardless of the price.