The new Forge of Empires football season has begun – here’s how it works

È iniziata la nuova stagione calcistica di Forge of Empires: ecco come funziona thumbnail

Forge of Empires kicks off the new in-game football season, leaving players to choose their team. The annual football event comes with a number of new features, including a new strategy and competition mode that will allow players to recover energy drinks. These will be useful for directing the ball onto the field, passing it from player to player. A long pass consumes more drinks, but guarantees to get to the goal faster. It will then be up to the players to use the drinks strategically.

In addition, by completing the tasks of Mister Miller it will be possible to obtain new drinks to try to score the coveted goal.

Forge of Empires: Send the right team onto the pitch

Like any football match, it is the team that makes the difference. And the team is made up of individual players: by obtaining Player Cards, you can strengthen your team and increase its level. Improving football skills also improves the rewards that will be obtained during the event. We must not underestimate the training, which will allow you to unlock random prizes from a player of your choice. In addition, the Special of the day and the Grand Prize on the occasion of goals will offer additional rewards to the players.

By owning three tickets it is possible to participate in the football tournament. Tickets can be obtained by completing Mister Miller’s assignments (or waiting for tickets to regenerate every eight hours). The games can be played with three different levels of difficulty (easy, medium and difficult) and the captains will be able to select the most suitable formation for the opponent. It will obviously be important to choose the players suitable for the role, to avoid fielding a disorganized team that goes against certain defeat. We remind you that Forge of Empires is a free-to-play available on browser and mobile (both Android that iOS).

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