Eternights on display in the presentation trailer

Eternights: il trailer del nuovo action dating simulator in arrivo su PS4, PS5 e PC thumbnail

On the occasion of the State of Play, a first presentation trailer of the new Eternights. The game was defined as action dating simulator. Developing the title is Studio Sai which has created what appears to be a real mix between action game and dating simulator in full Japanese style. Here are the first details on the features and the launch of the new title:

The trailer for the new Eternights

A first look at the new Eternights is available thanks to the trailer released on the occasion of the State of Play. The game, as the trailer confirms, includes dynamic combat in a brand new setting. In this context there will also be space for the protagonist’s love life with many choices to make and various game opportunities. For the moment, there is not much information regarding the characteristics of the title.

The new Eternights will be available very soon. The game is expected to launch in first part of 2023. For the moment, however, there is still no official release date. More details will certainly come in the next few weeks. The game will be available immediately su PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 e su PC, both through Epic Games Store that through Steam. For all updates on the game it is possible consult the official website.

Here is the trailer for the game:

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