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The new iPhone features, which Android smartphones already have

The new ones iPhone 14 e iOS 16 they filled the users Apple from new functions interestingbut that users Android use for some time. Apple has its own pace in releasing technological innovations and is often found to anticipate or delay by years the arrival of some functions compared to the rest of the smartphone world. Here are a number of new features that Android users have known for quite some time.

New iPhone 14 features that Android users are already familiar with

Before we start talking about these features, let us make an observation. The one between Android smartphones and iPhones it is not a competition on who presents novelties before the others: the goal of Apple and all companies that develop Android smartphones is to provide quality service to its customers. Launching new software or hardware is just one of the components that satisfies customers and makes sell smartphones. So this article is not an “Apple is better / worse than Google”, nor a comparison between iOS and Android.

Also, as technology lovers we are not used to dividing us into teams: we are neither “Apple-lover” nor “Apple-hater”. This list is therefore used to put Apple’s announcements in context with the rest of the Android world, so that you know what news is actually unpublished. Our advice therefore is to use it to evaluate whether worth an upgrade of your smartphone, not to argue online about which operating system is the best. The world is big enough for both iOS and Androidwe are sure.

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Having said that, here are the news of the Apple that Android users (even if only partially) already use.

New iPhone features for emails (which Gmail on Android already has)

With iOS 16, you can manage your emails better than you ever could. For example, you can cancel sending an email if you did something wrong, as long as you do it within 10 seconds. You can also use functions to better schedule your correspondence, such as the “Remind me later” option.

Gmail introduced the ability to withdraw emails in 2018giving the possibility to change your mind in 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds (you can set the times from the browser).

Multi-stop navigation

apple maps birthday 10 years works fine min 1

Apple Maps is getting better in its 10-year launch, and recently introduced the ability to decide on intermediate stops in your journeys. So you can stop for ice cream before arriving at a friend’s house for dinnerknowing the right time to leave home.

A feature that Android takes advantage of since 2017 with some success.

Live subtitles

iOS 16 introduced i Live Captions, real-time subtitles for video, audio, conversations. An extremely useful feature for those with hearing problems, but also for those who are learning a new language and want written support to understand dialogues, for example.

Android has had this possibility since 2019with several languages ​​supported (although not all great).

New iPhone features that Android already has: keyboard feedback

This in our opinion is perhaps the feature that iPhone took the longest to recover. A tactile feedback on the screen keyboard lets you know if you pressed the key correctly: it cannot replace a physical keyboard, but it comes close. On Android it is one a function that has existed practically since the advent of the first smartphones. And currently it is enabled by default, while you have to activate it in iOS 16.

Always-On display and Widget on the lock screen

On the new iPhone 14 Pro, among the many new features, there is the screen AlwaysOn we’ve seen on Apple Watches since Series 5, and even earlier on Android. If it is true that with Android 12 last year Google showed it prominently, several manufacturers a year introduced some time ago.

That said, Apple didn’t just take advantage of the variable refresh rate from 1 to 120 Hz to show the time and save battery. The new system of widgets, images and features in Apple’s always-on display we like it very much: the Apple took a long time, but he proposed something very well done. Definitely more than a clock and a few notification icons.

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Although we have to say that the widgets on the lock screen came with Android 4.2 ten years ago, although then Google has them removed with Android 5.0.

Sharing on iCloud

The ability to share galleries on iCloud Shared Photo Library aIt is sure to help iPhone users collaborate with up to five people to save vacation memories, post photos for creative projects, and more.

But on Google Photos, you can share the entire gallery with another person for some time now. And with all the clever features to catalog and manage them, it’s no surprise that the Google Photos is heavily downloaded.

L’app Fitness solo per lo smartphone

iphone 14 fitness plus prezzo min

This is a particular difference. Apple Fitness+ finally arrives also for those who do not own an Apple smartwatch, allowing access to the enormous training heritage and not just the service.

Google Fit is the official app on many Android smartphones and does not require any additional hardware. On the other hand, it is true that it does much less than that of the Apple.

Crash detection: the new iPhone features that Android already has

This novelty comes on iPhone 14 e Apple Watch Series 8 and allows you to recognize a car accident and help you to alert emergency services. Apple explained that it works well mainly because it has made hardware changes that make it possible to recognize bumps via the gyroscopebut also combining several other sensors.

I Pixel phones have this feature since 2019, even if it is based on software algorithms rather than hardware modifications.

Tanti megapixel e il Pixel Binning

The new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have a 48MP main camera, a major upgrade over last year’s 12MP (and base and Plus models). This allows you to take shots even in the worst light conditions thanks to the Pixel Binning: By merging four pixels into one larger size, 12MP shots come out with little ‘noise’ even in the dark.

iphone 14 pro camera min

Google, Samsung and all iPhone manufacturers have been using cameras with many MPs and Pixel Binning for a long time: the new motorola edge 30 ultra it has a 200MP camera that even merges 16 pixels into one, for example. The first example of a camera capable of this type of operation dates back to 2012, with the Nokia 808 Pure View and there are even some old smartphones with Windows Mobile who did.

Sure, the results are different – we’ve yet to test the new iPhones, but there’s a reason why Apple is a reference point for mobile photography. Quite simply, not such a new feature in the Android world.

Do all these new features for iPhone and already seen for Android mean that iPhone 14 and iOS 16 are not innovative and quality? Absolutely no: Apple has been on the podium of the world’s best-selling smartphones for years for a reason. So instead of commenting who wins the iOS vs Android challenge, why not tell us which feature appeals to you the most?

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