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The new iPhone SE 3 will have 4GB of RAM

A few days ago Apple presented the new iPhone SE 3, which can be pre-ordered starting tomorrow. As we have already said several times, the smartphone will have very important technical specifications: the A15 Bionic chip, 5G connectivity, longer battery life, improved photographic sector and much more. Also, although the company hasn’t talked about it in depth, the new iPhone SE will also have more RAM than the previous one. A detail not to be underestimated at all.

iPhone SE 3: Apple increases RAM

According to what confirmed by MacRumors, the new iPhone SE 3 has 4 GB of RAM, compared to the 3GB of the previous model. A detail that comes from strings within the Xcode 13.3 Release Candidate that Apple released Tuesday after its “Peek Performance” event. The same type of Xcode strings, on the other hand, accurately revealed the amount of RAM in different generations of iPhones and iPads. Recently, for example, it revealed that the sixth generation iPad mini has 4GB of RAM, once again showing an increase over the previous model.

If so, it would be a rather interesting improvement. The Photo and video editing appin fact, they can’t help but take advantage of accessing more RAM. Furthermore, the additional RAM can also allow multiple apps and pages loaded in Safari to remain active in the background. In short, adding 1 GB of RAM to the new iPhone SE 3 would significantly change the user experience. On the other hand, although the Cupertino company has not sponsored this novelty, it is a rather remarkable feature. In any case, to be sure that this is really the case, you will have to wait to try the new inexpensive smartphone from Apple, which will arrive on the market starting from next March 18th.

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