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The new iPhones 14 arrive earlier: this is the reason for this choice

The new iPhones 14 are expected to debut earlier than the company’s traditional timelines. As revealed by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, in fact, smartphones they will debut on September 7th con sales that will start on the following September 16th. Apple therefore aims to anticipate the arrival times on the market of the new iPhone 14 by about a week compared to what was recorded with the iPhone 13 (presented on September 14 and marketed from September 24).

That’s why Apple anticipates the debut of the new iPhone 14

The choice to anticipate the launch times of the new iPhone 14 is explained by Ming-Chi Kuo. The analyst highlights how an extra week of sales for new smartphones could ensure better financial results for Apple for the third quarter of 2022 which will end at the end of September.

The drop in demand from the market, linked to the economic crisis, could come at any time and Apple intends to play in advance at the same time avoiding a less positive quarter than usual. We also remind you that the new iPhones should see a price increase (especially for the Pro variants).

Consequently, the Cupertino house could have some difficulty in hitting all targets in the event of a worsening of the economic context on the global market. The decision to play in advance could, therefore, be analyzed using this interpretation.

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