The new layout for Instagram Stories will penalize the most active users

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Since its introduction, in the wake of SnapChat, Instagram’s Stories feature has literally revolutionized social media. Stop to indelible posts, and start a storytelling of everyday life, through photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. In short, there is a before and after the Instastories. The functionality, however, would be about to change radically, penalizing users who publish many stories daily.

The new Instagram Stories will penalize creators

In fact, Tecnoblog reports that a Brazilian user called Phil Ricelle, would have noticed that the Instagram app now only shows three of the stories shared by other people. We remind you that the current functionality allows you to share up to a maximum of 100 stories per day, with a maximum duration of 15 seconds each. The format appears to be the same, but with the new layout only some of the shared stories may be shown, with the implementation of a “Show all” button to view the others.

This is a very important change, which risks penalizing the most active creators. All posts following the third story, in fact, will inevitably have a lower number of views, since individual users will have to manually click on “show all” to see those contents. Currently the habit is in fact to view them, skip ahead or go to the next user, all with a single touch.

However, limiting the number of stories viewed per profile should allow users to see more people’s posts faster. 9to5Mac reports that, at the moment, the new layout would be in the testing phase, being only available to a small group of users.

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